a red door surrounded by question marks

Where does that door go?

Opportunities are like doors. Maybe you know exactly where it will go, or maybe you don't. But wherever the door leads, I must open it - or at least knock - to find out. a turquoise door in lund Meeting new people or trying new things are doors of opportunity. Sometimes, it can be awkward, like pulling on a door that says push. But, it’s worth it when I’ve passed the threshold from stranger to new friend. a red door in sweden Some doors I open once, and never go back to again, like lectures before 10am. And some doors I must close, like how I will probably drop 1/6 courses this semester. a green door in lund And some doors remained closed, or close unexpectedly. Like jobs that I’ve applied for and never heard back from. But that doesn’t stop me from knocking on more doors or ringing more bells. a blue door in lund Leadership is encouraging and supporting others to open doors, or at least knock. Using the doors you’ve come across, whether open or closed, and showing others what is possible behind them. a bright green door in lund It can also be helping others to search for the right doors, like suggesting resources on campus to a friend. And if there are no doors available, why not build doors that are open to others. Such as by creating discussion, or forming new events, unions or clubs. a green door in oslo Doors can lead you to a new world (like Narnia), where you learn something new about yourself and others, like trying a class completely outside your program. a white door camouflaged into a white wall with "where does this door go?" written above Doors can lead to even more doors; more opportunities to knock on and open. In these first few weeks of school, there's new courses, new events, new people to meet. a wooden door in oslo So, what's behind that door? I may be curious to know. But, I'll just have to knock or open it to find out. a green door surrounded in roses

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