My GPA is low!

As much as I would like to live my life without letting past academic mistakes pull me back, my GPA does not allow me to forget. But rather than simmering in what cannot be changed, I figure it’d be helpful to outline how I am going about resolving the issue. Time Management I’ve heard from dozens of people. Parents, academic advisers, and professors have all issued the warning. Time is a resource and as such it should be carefully accounted for. This means making the most of every minute in the day but remembering not to overload myself and to allocate time for myself. To manage my time, I use a planner, calendar app, and use reminders on my phone. One thing I've learned from my two years of university is to account for leisure time. Without sufficient time to recharge it is difficult to be focused in class and do assignments.  I like to break my time into chunks where I allocate time to focus on an essay or class notes. Identifying the problem and seeking help when needed It’s nearly impossible to fix something when the actual issue is ambiguous. Whether it be mental health related issues, a shift in circumstances, or other factors influencing my ability to participate, it is imperative that assistance is obtained. Whether that be accessibility services, contacting the registrar, or seeking professional help – there are resources that should be exploited. It took me a while to come to terms with the reason behind my mistakes during a particular semester. But, when I eventually understood the root of my issue, I quickly reached out to my academic adviser, the office of the registrar at my college, and Accessibility Services to make sure I had what I needed to do well in school. Keeping a clear head Taking courses that balance my schedule helps leave room for courses that are more intense. While it can become difficult to focus on school because life happens, I put forth a genuine effort to prioritize readings, assignments and tests. Eliminating needless distractions also helps. I use instrumental music and playlists to get into the studying mindset. Who cares? While the GPA matters, it’s not a definitive indicator of intelligence. In my opinion all it shows is one’s ability to consistently put time and effort into school and perform well in assessments. While it is easy to be precious about the number that follows students throughout their undergraduate careers, the digits are not an end-all be-all. Analyzing past mistakes is an essential step towards forming a remedy, but sitting in such mistakes halts progress.  

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