Commute checklist

For someone as restless as myself, commutes can be a fatally boring task. Besides the ever-present feeling that time is being wasted away, taking the bus and the subway every day to and from school is an incredibly tiresome and uncomfortable chore. It is for this reason that, in my first year, I devised a list of things that I can bring with me on my commutes to save time, energy, and my sanity. Books These can range anywhere from brain food heading into a thought-provoking class lecture to comic books and manga. It's also something you can do on the bus or subway either sitting down or standing up.
An image of the hit book "Sapiens" by Yuval Noah Harari
This is the book that I finished reading recently - entirely on commutes!
Playlists Another thing that is not restricted by how crowded the vehicle - the ability to jam out to some tunes. I personally create special "commute playlists" to set the mood for what kind of day I want to have. For example, if I'm heading into a day full of socializing or taking on a big project, I'll listen to a lot of hip-hop, jazz, and R&B. For some reason, these genres fill me with confidence. Everyone is different, so this obviously isn't some kind of rule. These are some tracks that have been dominating my morning playlist lately. Homework For the days when I really need to cram something into the last hour before the due-date, bringing my laptop along can mean the difference between hitting that 11:59 deadline and a minus 10% gut-punch. Neck pillow  "YES! Finally, an available seat on this awfully overcrowded bus," I think to myself, dashing towards the empty spot. "Yes, I am triumphant!" I assure myself, awkwardly adjusting my position in the seat, struggling to comfortably lean back. Woe is me, the fool who forgot to bring his neck pillow on the bus today. Snacks/Breakfast This saves me the time it takes to eat breakfast in the morning. Also, like, can you really go wrong with snacks? Ever? Also... Check out our Facebook live on commuting here.  

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