Top 20 #LifeAtUofT Hacks: The Countdown is ON

The countdown is on! 20 days till school starts — 20 #LifeAtUofT hacks from your favourite student bloggers to help you get ready the right way. 1) Your TCard is more than just a pretty picture!                                                                      Use your TCard or Flex Dollars to get a discount on food around campus or to buy books at the bookstore. Remember to always have your TCard on you so you never miss a student discount. Look for them at restaurants, stores and for music streaming services, too! 2) Study-buddy up and book your spaces quickly!                                                          Study tip! Study at libraries with buddies to keep yourself accountable, and to take turns watching over each others' stuff if you need to walk around or use the washroom. Book a group study room at the U of T libraries to make learning fun and interactive (make sure to plan this in advance - they get booked pretty quick!). 3) Bring SNACKS!                                                                                                                        Always have an energy bar or apple to munch on when hunger hits during those three-hour lectures. 4) How do you learn best?                                                                                                       Explore your options! Go to different lecture sections to see what learning styles work best for you.  5) Score points for FREE Varsity gear!                                                                                           DYK all the U of T sports games are free for students, plus you get points when you attend and scan your TCard. The more points, the more free Varsity gear. Sweet! 6) FREE movies at the film department.                                                                                       The film department has weekly screenings in the theatre and tons of cool events you won’t want to miss! Check out their website and enjoy some free flicks. 7) Bring your own tea bag.                                                                                                        Starbucks drinks on campus got your wallet feeling light? Grab a tea bag from home and ask the baristas for hot water. 8) Catch some rays with the sun lamps at Robarts.                                                               Not getting enough feel-good sunlight? Head over to Robarts and enjoy one of their new light therapy lamps, which, they say, will bring you life during even the darkest study hours. 9) Whip up a smoothie for a fast, easy on-the-go meal.                                                            Smoothies make for the quickest, easiest and healthiest to-go meals! 10) Prep yourself for office hours.                                                                                                 When you go to office hours take your questions with you to get the most out of the session. I always write them down during class so I don’t forget! 11) Towel service at Fitness Centres-                                                                               Currently coveting the towel service at the U of T Fitness centre! It can be really helpful to have towels waiting for you if you want to shower on campus during the sticky summer months. 12) FREE admission to the ROM (get it!)                                                                                   General admission to the Royal Ontario Museum is free on Tuesdays for U of T students. See you there! 13) Robarts reading rooms are open 24 hours on weekdays!                                                   If you're roommates are getting in the way of your overnight 4.0 GPA grind, you can head to Robarts library, which has reading rooms open 24-hours on weekdays. 14) Brew your own coffee.                                                                                                       Instead of constantly spending $2-$5 on coffee, brew your own! Investing in a French press will save you hundreds throughout the year.                     15) Movie night? Borrow from Media Commons.                                                                Borrow and watch movies in Media Commons (if you can’t find them on Netflix). 16) Earn $$$ and help advance research.                                                                                       U of T research studies are always looking for volunteer subjects - it's a great way to earn some extra cash and help advance research. 17) Clipboard folders are a lefty’s BFF.                                                                                            If you’re a lefty and you can’t find a left-handed desk, use a clipboard folder or textbook and lean it between your desk and arm rest. 18) Lock down your laptop.                                                                                                           Get yourself a laptop lock to avoid having it stolen during bathroom trips! 19) Put your friends to work during class presentations.                                                        To make a class presentation more engaging, ask your friends to plant some questions so other students are motivated to join the conversation, as well! 20) Stay focussed with the Promodo App.                                                                                 The Promodo App is one of our favourite ways to stay focused. Use their tomato shaped timer to stay free of social media distractions. What are your best U of T hacks? Share in the comments, or better yet, head on over to Instagram and let us know (pssst! There’s a surprise over there).

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