a view of ontario lake during sunset taken at the harbourfront


It’s like a hug
of encouragement.
Letting me know
that I’m going the right way.
I find it on the walk home in the stillness, of an empty street. a cobblestone street in Sweden, with a row of houses to the left and a sidewalk with trees to the right Or the bustle of the city. In a campus of students learning how to be. I find it in the conversations, the sharing of stories, with friends, new and old. a photo of me positioned to look like I'm conversing with a cartoon of a friendly surreal oblong creature painted on the wall When the light of others, radiates through them as they do what they love. I find it on the commute, from here to there. In the travel to new places, and the discovery of new spaces. a sky full of clouds taken during a flight Sometimes it sneaks up on me when I least expect it. Or goes into hiding when the pressure is on. But it always shows up when I really need it. sun setting between trees in Queen's park in the winter time Although I may mess up, embarrass, hurt, lose, fail. It's like a hug of encouragement. Letting me know that I'm going the right way, that I must keep learning. a cloudy sky and a dirt path with some hikers leading to the oresund sea in Sweden What inspires you?

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