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Moving Forward

This year has been an incredible year of sharing knowledge and experience with all of you. Now as the school year ends, I have one last piece of wisdom to share before I resign my position. As my third year ends, I've been recently thinking about my next steps and moving forward. While thinking about this I start to feel very anxious about the future. It's so uncertain and I'm not entirely sure of where I'll end up next, which is scary. I have dreams and ideas of where I'd want to be, but the uncertainty of it all is what truly gets to me. It's these moments that I tend to forget of how far I've come. I forget the accomplishments I've made and how hard I've worked to get there. Along with this, I also I tend to forget this simple thought: everything will work out the way it should be. This idea is something that I hold on to relieve my nerves. Last year, I was worried that I wouldn't get a job during school to help pay for my bills. Months later I ended up having two jobs to work while in school. I also remembered worrying about grades back in first year, now I'm excelling. Truly, life does fall into place and in someways better than you expected. A picture of me in the Bahamas A wise woman (a.k.a my mother) told me that it doesn't make sense to worry about something you have no control over otherwise you'd forget to enjoy the present. The future can be something totally different than you anticipate, so why stress over it? For me personally, whenever I worry about future, I always feel miserable and in a bad mood for most of the day. The only control that I have is to do the best that I can do to achieve what I want and have backup plans. From there, I just need to enjoy the moments in the present, live life to the best of my abilities, and have faith that everything will work out. Moving forward can be scary, but really it's another step into the the journey of your life. We don't know where we will end up next and stressing over it all the time isn't going to help you feel better. Enjoy the present and take one step at a time with mini goals to accomplish per day that will help you move forward. All that we can do is do the best of our abilities, but in the meantime go see that movie you have been dying to watch, or check out that new art exhibit at the AGO. As my final post I want to leave this message to you: everything will work out in its right time.

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