The basement level of Daniels library with two huge concrete pillars

Things you can do at libraries other than cry

The basement level of Daniels library with two huge concrete pillars
A perfectly dark and comfortable spot for quality crying at Daniels.
As U of T students, we may not have much time, but we do have libraries. So, what do you do when your usual corner to cry in is taken? What do you do when you just can’t focus, when you just can’t get any work done and are in need of a little break? Here’s a list of some alternatives that I found: Play board games If your chosen library happens to be Robarts, well, you can walk over to the Media Commons and rent some games to play with your friends – or strangers. They have games from Scrabble to A Game of Thrones to Monopoly to Snakes & Ladders to even Dungeons & Dragons. Here’s the catalogue. Hide and Seek – the super silent version. Although this one may not exactly be encouraged by the staff – nor adulthood - but just imagine a large game of this in Robarts, Gerstein or even Kelly. The possibilities are endless. (To be honest, this hide and seek thing is pretty much all of university life. Oh, you met a potential best friend but forgot to add them on any social media? Good luck finding them again!) Take pictures Being buried with work doesn’t mean your Instagram needs to suffer too. One of the obvious perks of our campus is how photogenic it is. It’s the easiest place to find spots to get that #OOTD or just some good views. It’s all in the angles. Try the corner windows on any of the floors in Robarts or literally anywhere at E.J Pratt. Wireless printing is a thing. Alright so this may not exactly be as exciting as the rest of the stuff on this list but I think it’s pretty cool. I’m not sure if a lot of us know this or not, but you don’t need to go through the hassle of waiting for one of the computers to let you log in, search your entire bag for a USB or email a file to yourself, send your file to the printing system, and then finally go over to click print. You can just take the more efficient (and lazier) route by setting it up on your own laptop, and sending it to print wirelessly. Experience some Virtual Reality You can now borrow VR equipment at the Gerstein Science Information Centre (MADLab) for FREE. They have 360 Cameras and Google Cardboards. All you need is your TCard! Go on a treasure hunt The Thomas Fisher Rare Book Library is more than just that one atrium shot you always see; it’s got the U of T Archives, rare books, old manuscripts, early papers by people like Margaret Atwood. Also, if you haven’t had enough of Halloween yet, there’s items on paranormal activities too. EAT This is probably my personal favourite activity. Although most places usually just have vending machines, coffee, and pastries, there’s actually quite a lot more available at U of T Libraries from pasta to burrito bowls.   If my 3.25 years at university have taught me anything, there’s a lot more to do here than what meets the eye, you just have to look for it.

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