an animated image of a transgender woman singing enthusiastically, wearing a sparkling blue dress and long, flowing golden hair.

Theatre in Toronto

I have never been a talented actress. I once had a role in a high-school play; I was the “Stage Manager”- this was an actual character, though I had very few lines. Which makes sense, because when I attempt at falsely portraying anguish I often appear more confused than sad. You may be wondering; “but Sydney, if you can’t act, why do it?” Which is a fair point. I love the magic of theatre, is why. I think it’s fantastic how talented actors/actresses are, their ability to create a world before our eyes in a single high-ceilinged room mesmerizes me. Besides this, I appreciate the work put into building the beautiful sets and the colorful, elegant, or convincing costumes. Of late I’ve made no ambitions toward participating in a performance of any kind (other than karaoke), but coming to University of Toronto has presented me with many opportunities to enjoy theatre, in and around campus! So far, I’ve attended only one performance- Hedwig And the Angry Inch at Hart House Theatre. Centred around the toils of a mistreated transgender woman, the emotionally charged musical numbers (which made the whole thing feel kind of like a fantastic rock concert) and cleverly placed moments of comedic relief had me jumping from heart wrenching compassion to hysterical laughter- ah, showbiz!
an animated image of a transgender woman singing enthusiastically, wearing a sparkling blue dress and long, flowing golden hair.
This is the poster for Hedwig and The Angry Inch!
I highly suggest buying tickets , but maybe don’t go with your grandfather- unless he’s cool with sexual references and lots of course language - in which case, I’d like to meet him. Hart House has many other shows throughout the year, so if you can’t make it this week, don’t sweat it. Check out their website and find a performance you’re interested in. They also offer other events like a Halloween party and occasional workshops, so be sure to keep an eye out. Additionally, I’ve been frequently visiting the Toronto Theatre website  to stay updated on the musicals, concerts, opera, and stand-up shows with available tickets. However, if those are too pricey on a student budget (which is my dilemma) there is a wide variety of independent theatre companies around the city, here’s a couple of them; Native Earth Performing Centre (250-585 Dundas St. E): Houses Canada’s oldest professional Indigenous theatre company. This is a great place to learn more about Indigenous culture through stage performances. The Coal Mine Theatre (1454 Danforth Avenue.): A small storefront theatre with only 80 seats, tickets go for a great price. If you’re interested in watching performances by U of T students, make sure to track the Drama Coalition Facebook page , as they’ll be keeping us updated with on-campus events. If your talents in acting exceed mine (not a difficult goal to achieve) they announce audition opportunities as well. Finally, if you’re really serious about acting- University of Toronto offers both undergraduate and graduate programs. Maybe I’ll see you on the big screen some day- if that’s the case, please give Jesse Williams my email, thanks! Tell me in the comments what upcoming shows you’ll be attending!

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