A photo of me in an O-Week leader shirt.

My Experiences as an O-Week Leader

A photo of me in an O-Week leader shirt. “Who needs Batman when you’ve got Robins!? President- Robins! President- Robins!” This Victoria College Orientation cheer pays homage to Vic’s president, William Robins. It is among many shouted at the top of my lungs during frosh week! I’m still debating whether I’m coming down with a cold, or was just a bit too enthusiastic. The experience of being a leader was everything I expected and more.
A group of four Victoria College freshmen, talking and laughing.
Meeting new people is definitely one of O-week's greatest perks!
A group of freshmen taking a selfie.
O-Week is definitely great for your Instagram feed.
One thing I didn’t anticipate is that being a frosh week leader can be just as awkward as being a frosh! During my freshman year, I inundated leaders with questions, determined to eradicate uncertainty in my academic future with as much information as I could get about the program of study I was interested in, and the classes I’d be taking. Despite asking so many questions, at the back of my mind, I always worried that O-week leaders would feel pestered. What I wish I’d known is that frosh leaders find talking to new people just as hard, and questions are more than welcome! In retrospect, I’d spend my own frosh week being a bit less hesitant about asking leaders questions, because they’re just as excited to talk to new people.
An O-week leader holding a sign saying "I AM PEPPERONI."
A seldom mentioned perk of O-week is the abundant pizza.
Another highlight of my week was being a media leader- AKA, a part of Vic's O-week paparazzi crew! This involved taking photos and videos of Vic’s orientation. As a definite photography junkie, it was a very welcome throwback to my four years on high school yearbook. Plus, it was a rare opportunity for me to put my videography skills to use! Check out this video I shot for a glimpse of how fun Orientation is. There’s no doubt that I will definitely be participating in O-Week next year!

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