StudyMania! Places on campus to get work done. (Library List Part 2)

I dream about writing essays. It’s what happens when you are in a program that is heavy on writing papers. I’ve been writing so many papers, that I’ve been having dreams in semi-lucid states, where I’m convinced that being in the dream has important significance to the content of my paper. That actually may not be so far off, since I’ve been averaging a very small amount of sleep per night, perhaps my body is telling me that it’s much easier to process information were I to get a full night’s rest! But that’s for another post. I bring up paper writing because writing has me frequenting new libraries! And so, I thought I’d do another library post about some pretty sweet places to find your 'get-work-done' muse (here's my first library list post)!

Knox College Library

a photo of a work space on a light wooden desk where in the bottom left corner is a top portion of a novel, behind that there is a tablet on the Google homepage in a black case with a keyboard, and besie it is a part of a stainless steel water bottle all backdropped by a large gothic style yellow window

You may remember from my last library post, how I gushed about Emmanuel College library. Well, true to form, I have found another small library that puts me in the essay writing mood. It’s bright and in a beautiful building right at the heart of St. George campus. It’s very open and airy, BUT, there isn’t a ton of space so if you come at a busy time, you may not find a spot. However, the gigantic yellow window that is the focal point of the entire library is well worth it. Some things that aren’t so great are that not all desks are close to a power source to plug in, and that if you happen to be doing work during a rugby game on front campus, it’s not a very sound proof building. But headphones, a power bank, and Spotify will solve all of those problem!

Gerstein Library

a picture of a work space on a dark wooden table, an open binder sits at the centre of the table with paper strewn across the table and a white and green travel mug sitting at the back of the table with charger wires peaking out from the right side of the picture and the bottom stem of a brass lamp at the centre back fo the table and an opaque glass divider that at the very back of the picture

I don’t know why I haven’t been doing work in this library all year, because I absolutely love it. It is conducive to working: it’s neither too quiet, nor too loud, but if you need the quiet, there are quiet zones. I prefer being in the back area with the long wooden tables and cubicles. Each cubicle has a brass lamp (mind you, finding one that works could be a challenge) and has a plug to plug in all of your electronics. There are large windows, and a vegetarian café in the basement with some really great food. It does get pretty busy though, so finding a spot in the back might not happen in this busy study period, but if you can, it’s very much worth it!

John W. Graham Library

a photo of a wooden work cubicle with a navy bag sitting against the cubicle dividers, infront of the bag is a white table with a black case, lying open with a keyboard, and a purple novel lying beside it, in the bottom left of the picture is a wooden chair with a black wool coat hanging off of it and a black, grey, and purple stiped scrarf hanging as well, and in the tope left corner is a corner of a window that looks out on to a garden and a brick building.

I first stepped foot in this library to meet my essay writing partner and since then have come to really appreciate the space There is cozy reading room with a fireplace and comfortable arm chairs, as well as really nice study rooms that are quiet and have a view (need to be reserved). The personal work desks are equipped with a bright light and have plugs for all of your electronic needs. It’s stately and quiet, and it makes you want to do work. I’m a big fan of this library. I also have never come when it was so busy that I couldn’t find a spot to sit, and if you get the right spot, you get a beautiful view overlooking the gorgeous Munk Centre front garden. These libraries are a really great change of scenery from Robarts. Some other places that I also find conducive to working that I won’t elaborate on are: Laidlaw Library, Bora Laskin Law Library, and Bahen Centre (I know it’s not a library, but it’s a great place to get work done). Anyway, hopefully these places can also help you find your writing groove (or motivation to study), comment below to let us know which libraries you find helpful to getting work done.

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