Soaking Up the Snow at Woodbine Beach

Like many Torontonians, I become a bit of a homebody during the winter. I grumble when I have to be outside for longer than 30 minutes, and I pass up a lot of plans for the warmth of my bed and the company of Netflix. This past reading week I was forced to get out of my apartment and see a new part of town, as I spent it dog sitting for a friend in The Beaches, a dog who is accustomed to going for a daily swim. rocky coast against the lake At first I shuddered at the thought of taking a trip to the beach in the middle of February, but I quickly discovered that exploring Toronto is still extremely fun, even with a dusting of snow.
dog running in the water
If Skye can take a dip in the middle of February, I can take more time to explore the city.
I've never visited Woodbine beach before, and I was immediately struck by its beauty. I never expected that a beach in the middle of the city could be so clean and breath taking, and I definitely didn't expect it to be this pretty in the winter. person sitting on a rock and looking at the beach Woodbine definitely wasn't as busy as it was when Emaan visited it in the summer, but I was pleasantly surprised with how alive it was. I find that Toronto can seem a little cold (metaphorically, along with literally) in the winter, with everyone bundled up and rushing to get back inside. Seeing the beach dotted with other people there to enjoy the outdoors was just as refreshing as the view. man and child in a pirate hat looking at the water One of my favourite parts about Toronto is how diverse it is. From The Annex to Kensington Market to Roncesvalles, each neighbourhood has it's own special charm, and The Beaches were no different. With the boardwalk and the cute little shops that line Queen Street just a block north of woodbine, visiting The Beaches really felt like I was visiting a little beach town. I'm a city girl through and through, but it was a wonderful discovery to find that a getaway from the hustle and bustle of the city is only a quick TTC ride away. dog in the lake with the toronto skyline behind it Though we might be in the midst of a huge snow storm, I really encourage you all to go explore the city. I moved to Toronto for the potential of little adventures and discoveries, and exploring new parts of it after a long winter of Netflix felt great. sunset at the beach      

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