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Treat Yo Self This Reading Week

I don't know about you, but second semester has hit me hard. It feels like winter break was just yesterday, but in reality I'm in the midst of midterm season. My reading week has turned into essay writing week, and I feel like I've spent more of my reading week stressing out than actually reading (or more importantly, writing).
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It was during one of these little fits of stress that Aziz Ansari's voice came into my head, whispering "treat yo self". Sure, I have a lot to get done this week, but locking myself away in the hopes of getting things done definitely wasn't working. Never one to turn down Mr. Ansari, I decided to give myself a mini vacation, and head to heaven on earth, aka TOT The Cat Cafe. sign reading "tot the cat cafe" black and white cat lounging on a shelf While travelling to the cat cafe my head was filled with the same anxiety I've been feeling all week, "you should be working right now", "this is a waste of time", "you only have four days until your essays are due", but once I walked in the anxiety melted away. calico cat laying by a windowcalico cat by window Yes, that was mostly because my cat loving brain went into overload, but making the decision to do something for myself felt amazing. two cats standing on a backpackperson in cat slippers playing with a tiny kitten   I haven't given myself much downtime this semester, and instead of making me more productive, it's left me burnt out. I've been lacking balance in my life, and forcing myself to take time away from my work was liberating. ginger cat in a cat house Even if you have a mountain of things to do this week, it's also important to give yourself a break and enjoy the little things in life. Like cats. Reading week is time to catch up, but catching up on your self-care is just as important as catching up on your readings. animated gif of a cat playing with a string toy

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