UofT Snapshots: Fourth Year and the Future

I am in my final year of undergrad and scheduled to graduate this June (by some terrible twist of fate, I graduate on the date of my birthday thereby having to spend my 22nd year of life in CON HALL). These past four years have been spent strolling around King's College Circle, cramming at Robarts during unspeakable hours, and attending every puppy therapy event U of T has to offer. The fact that I may not be coming back next year has only recently hit me. As much as I tried to prepare for (see also: dread) the future, it actually did not occur to me that I'd soon be done my Bachelor's. It's a bittersweet feeling. I embarked on a HONY-esque quest across campus to hunt down fellow fourth-years and ask them about their plans. Are you graduating? Taking a fifth year? Taking some time off? What have you learned here? What's been a memorable U of T experience? Please share intimate details of your life with this random, unnaturally peppy stranger! From my mini adventure I have concluded that 1) Apparently no upper years go to school because it proved quite difficult trying to find fourth years on campus and 2) Apparently all upper years are in the same boat of worry, anticipation, and excitement for their futures. So fear not, fourth year friends! Here are just some of the lovely students that attend our school, starting with the loveliest of all (me):

Nancy, Neuroscience:

I'm graduating this year! I want to do an MSc in neuroscience research. I'm also looking into professional programs in public policy and global health. The biggest takeaways from my time here is to go after what you want, enjoy yourself, and that the best person to compete with is yourself. I'm super grateful for all the people I've met and friends I've made!

Michael, Civil Engineering:

Photo of Michael outside the Sanford Fleming Building.
"I want to start a meaningful career in sustainable development and environmental protection. I also want to gain international experience and meet people from around the globe. Right now I’m thinking of working in Hong Kong - I’ve done a research course there over the summer and fell in love with the city."

Michael did his engineering research course through U of T's Summer Abroad program. Consider applying if you're interested in travelling over the summer and taking a credited course at an international university. We offer courses across a whole range of disciplines, including an anthro course on Italian cuisine!!! (For all who are having existential crises à la Eat, Pray, Love)

Felicia, Criminology:

Felicia in front of a window facing St. George Street in the Bahen building.
"I was thinking of joining the RCMP after graduating. However, I plan on taking time to work a bit beforehand, since the application process will take about a year. A future career path is to get my MBA and work in corporate fraud!"

Robbie, Political Science & Environmental Geography:

Robbie in front of the colourful murals in the Gerstein lobby.
"I'm going to take at least half a year off after convocation to travel. The end goal is law school."

Anukriti, Chemical Engineering:

Anukriti in front of a balcony in Bahen.
"Right now my plan is to do grad school in the UK. I want to work in environmental engineering and was thinking of getting more schooling in the field before applying for jobs. I've filled out some applications so far and will probably also apply to a few other programs. Hopefully I get in after this year!"

Victor, Neuroscience & Animal Physiology:

Victor in front of the UC building.
"After fourth year, I am hoping to pursue a career in academic medicine and attend medical school. The most important thing that I've learned at university is how to work with many different kinds of people in various contexts. My most memorable experience at U of T was when I joined my first year learning community. They were the first community that I was a part of at this university and meant a lot to me. When I first saw how large university was, I did not expect to make many friends or have the opportunity to get involved. However, I am glad that my first year learning community showed me otherwise."

Victor's views on the First-Year Learning Communities are shared by others who also participated in it. FLCs are an amazing resource for first-years wanting to meet other students in the same areas of study. It's a great way to make friends and have personal study groups!

Rida, Criminology:

Rida in front of a yellow wall in the Bahen building.
"I'm taking a fifth year here at UofT before applying to law school. Ideally I'd stay in Toronto and at UofT! One of the best things that have happened here at university are the friends I've made."

Amirali, Mechanical Engineering: 

Amirali, in front of the stationary wall at the Bookstore.
"I'm going to try to find a decent job after graduating this year. Alternatively, I'm keeping an eye on cool grad school opportunities to become more specialized in the areas that I like. Nobody likes to have an ordinary and boring job that doesn't matter for anyone anyways! And of course, you can't live your life to its fullest without seeing different parts of the world. So this is on my to-do list too, once I have a little bit more time than now."

Roslyn, Biological Anthropology, Near and Middle Eastern Studies & Physiology:

Ros next to the skeleton model in Gerstein Library.
"I will be taking a fifth year at U of T to finish up my program requirements and after, apply for med school and pathology graduate programs. The most valuable lesson I've learned here is that friends are the most important resource to have. Everyone is going through the same things as you are and the only way you can all get through it alive is to have people who can support you and stand beside you through everything."
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