Confession: There’s a New Library in My Life

There are 44 UofT libraries, spanning UofT's three campuses. There are libraries of all shapes and sizes, all styles and atmospheres. You would think this would be enough for me. You would be wrong. Recently, I have been cheating on UofT. Maybe I took #TryItUofT too far; you be the judge. Consider this my confession:
Dear Robarts, We have had a long and beautiful love affair. Just over three and a half years ago, I first decided to overlook your imposing and intimidating exterior and give you a chance. I grew to love you. We have had some wonderful times together, haven’t we? Do you remember meeting my friends? We used to hang out and study together all the time. They grew to love you, too. We presented a united front during many a finals season. I came to see your beauty more and more as I got to know you better and better—your blossoming cherry trees in the summer, your amazing Toronto views, your Rare Book Library. I will never forget all that you have given me; you were always there to provide me with research materials and unlimited free WiFi. You have been my rock. I regret nothing. Please remember that. We had our good times, yes, but after three and a half years of dogged commitment on my part, I have become more sensitive to your stone-hearted habits. Three and a half years of endless Starbucks lines, freezing my hands off in study rooms, and red-walled cages—I mean, elevators. I’m tired, Robarts. I can’t do it anymore. Things have changed. I know you don’t want to hear this, but I’m seeing someone else. It all started a few months ago; we met through a mutual friend. It could be temporary; it could be just a fling. Who knows? Maybe someday, probably twelve hours before an essay is due, I’ll come crawling back to you. I don’t know. All I know is that the Toronto Reference Library is giving me what I need right now. He’s bright and spacious and he has the most beautiful water feature I’ve ever seen. You know how much I love Balzac's coffee, don't you? Well, would you believe that Balzac's is his neighbour? He also has an amazing collection of books, films, and music. He has these cool study pod things; my friends like them too. His windowed elevators are a refreshing change for me. Have you ever thought about getting more windows, Robarts? I think they’d suit you.
Pictured: Me, at the Toronto Reference Library
This may be rubbing it in, but we do look cute together, don't we?
TRL—that’s my pet name for him—has so much to offer me. He surprised me with a cello and clarinet duo concert over Christmas. He showed me a super cool exhibit on Maurice Sendak this week. He gives me the chance to meet incredible people and learn new things. Ever heard of David Walliams, Robarts? Well, TRL is having him over on March 9th and I might get to meet him! Don't get me wrong; I know that you have lots to offer too, Robarts. You’re great and I know that, but I just need to see this thing with TRL through. I hope you can understand. Please remember, Robies, I still love you and I always will. We have been through so much together. After three and a half years, I needed a change; that’s all. I hope we can still be friends. You’ll see me around; I have a couple of books due in a week, a class that sometimes uses your Media Commons screening room, and links to the CTSI office, as you know. Remember, it’s not you; it’s me. Much love, Emma
Well, there you have it folks. I am so glad I got that off my chest. If you are looking to try something really new (#TryItUofT), consider visiting the Toronto Reference Library, just North of Yonge and Bloor. You can’t deny, he’s a looker:

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