When You’re Not “With It”

As some of you may know, October is Mental Wellness month. This is a month to celebrate healthy lifestyles, raise awareness and support for those dealing with mental illness and appreciate positive mentalities. I like to think of myself as a positive person. I like to smile and I try my best to spread the sunny vibes. That being said, there are times when life throws me a curveball and I find myself feeling low, complain-y and just not “with it”. Confession: I wasn’t “with it” last week. I don’t know if anyone else has weeks like this, the kind of weeks where absolutely nothing seems to go right, but please holla at me if you do. My week didn’t even have a chance. Monday morning I walked out of my apartment, umbrella in one hand, tea in the other, my readings were done on FRIDAY (which probably never happens) and I could see the bus heading for my stop. All good things, considering it was 10am on a rainy Monday morning. Enter a speedy dark blue Toyota into my Monday morning equation, and suddenly a splash the size of a small tsunami had me completely soaked from the knees down. So much for my umbrella. The rest of my day was spent squelching around campus in sopping wet flats and drinking copious amounts of tea in hopes that warm beverages would scare away the inevitable cold that comes from having wet feet. I understand that sometimes we are all going to have weeks that make you want to hide away from the world and your responsibilities. Trust me, if there was ever a week to hide away in my bed for seven whole days - last week was it.  What started out as a promising beginning to October quickly turned into a missed tutorial because I forgot to set my 5th (and most important!) alarm of the morning, ruined flats thanks to speedy dark blue Toyotas, 10 page readings I couldn’t understand even the third time ‘round and teary meltdowns because I can’t get a kitten. I’m not going to even mention the Taylor Swift concert I didn’t have tickets for.
Madeline's Galaxy of Grumpiness: "Top Three Week Ruiners" 1. wet shoes 2. missing tutorial 3. no Taylor Swift Tunes
Sometimes it helps to put all your troubles in another universe. ... Or at least make a meme about it.
  Through my experience of rough days and icky weeks, I have learned that it’s important to have a positive outlook and remember that a bad day doesn’t define your week and an awful week doesn’t mean your whole month is a waste. There will always be another Taylor Swift concert and ruined flats are really just an opportunity to find a cooler pair. October is my favourite month of the year; so many good things happen during this month (with the exception of midterms)! The fall colours are absolutely beautiful, we can all wear pants again without falling victim to the extreme heat of the city, Halloween is around the corner and the seasonal candles smell AMAZING. My bad week is definitely not going to ruin all the October awesome-ness for me, and I hope that if you find yourself starting off the season with the autumn blues you will think of my speedy blue Toyota story and remember that you are not alone in your grumpiness. Here’s to a great second week of October, U of T. We can do it. Try out some of the amazing events HealthyU will be holding this month! You can check out the calendar here.

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