Once Upon A U of T II

Well, friends, I would just like to take this moment to congratulate everyone on what was hopefully a successful and memorable first month of school. 

If you’re like me, you’re still checking your schedule to remember what classes you have or somehow already wildly behind on your readings (I will catch up soon, I promise).

But if you’ve been keeping up with lecture notes like a responsible and functioning member of this academic institution, I salute you. You are an inspiration to us all.

Since school started, I’ve been frequenting many of the same spaces. While this gets monotonous, I personally employ the use of an internal Disney soundtrack in my head - a strategy bound to make any mundane task seem fun. So on a related note, here’s a second instalment of Once Upon a U of T, in hopes that when you enter the same places, you will remember these photos and your day will be a little happier-ever-after.

A photo of the path along the Philosophers Walk. I photoshopped Aurora from the Disney version of Sleeping Beauty walking along the foreground, along with a few friends including birds, bunnies, and chipmunks.When walking through a place designated the “Philosopher’s Walk,” it seems only obligatory to get into the mindset of deep intellectual thinking. The scenery certainly helps to facilitate this and the walk is often a peaceful and pleasant start to my morning. I’m really looking forward to when the leaves start to change colour - the Philosophers’ Walk is stunning to walk through at this time of year. A view of Robarts, as seen from the sidewalk along St. George St. I photoshopped Rafiki and Simba into the angular edge at the top of the building, with sunlight beaming straight down on them.

Ah, Robarts. It really is the central hub of our school. And much like Pride Rock, Robarts also shares the same visual appeal of a giant slab of concrete. Nonetheless, there’s nothing like surrounding yourself with 14 floors of hard-working students to get you motivated to sit down and write that paper you’ve been putting off. Plus it's open 24/7 during exam time!

A photo of the food made in the Green Beat. I photoshopped Remy the rat from the movie Ratatouille onto the top of the glass display.The Green Beet is a vegan cafe located in Gerstein Library, another personal library of choice. The food always looks delicious… but I wouldn’t really know because I’m one of those people who obnoxiously monopolize the microwaves that are also present to warm up my own food. But I’ve made a mental note to try the curried lentils sometime within the next month! The Green Beet is also a space where you can freely talk without having to leave the library… so you don’t feel guilty about leaving the library.

Occasionally, I head over to the UC Union Building, located beside the Commuter Student Centre, which organizes a (FREE) tea and cookies event every Monday-Thursday at 2:30, making this its own kind of Wonderland. The comfy couches and laidback atmosphere of the building are always a nice treat and escape from studying. 

The thought of a Disney villain in Hart House is not far off because that place is so confusing that it can be frightening trying to navigate it yourself. But fear not; this massive building houses a lot of cool student resources, including photography classes, cozy rooms for hanging out, and Sammy’s Student Exchange. Check out Taryn’s post on her exploration through Hart House! Better sneak in a few extra days out on the patio before the weather gets too cold!

What are some places you commonly hang out in on campus? Let me know in the comments or snap a photo of it and tag us on Instagram at @lifeatuoft!

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