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Last week, I ventured into Hart House to snap a few pics of Madelin. While there she mentioned that Hart House is one of her favourite places on campus, and how not enough students take advantage of everything it has to offer. I'm definitely one of those students. When I think of Hart House, two things come to mind: weddings and working out. Though Madelin and I weren't there for long, it was definite that there was much there than I thought, and on one rainy afternoon this week I decided to explore the Hogwarts-esque halls of Hart House. photo of the outside of hart house Before I even got the chance to go inside I made my first discovery: an adorable little vegetable garden. Upon further investigation I found that the veggies were planted and cared for by U of T Dig In, a group dedicated to small scale sustainable food production. Want to learn more? See Danielle's post about U of T Dig In. photo of garden with sign that says "Dig In U of T Campus Agriculture" photo of some little baby tomatoes with a hand painted sign that says tomatoes I decided to grab a coffee to help me warm up after being out in the rain, so I went into Sammy's Student Cafe. The cafe has lots of vegetarian options, and serve healthy $5 lunches on Wednesdays. That's a definite upgrade from my usual Tim Horton's bagel. entrance to sammy's student exchange photo of a salad bar with fruits and vegetables in the foreground     After getting lost wandering the lower halls for a while, I went upstairs and happened upon the Reading Room. They really need to rename this place to the "talking room" or "fun room". It's bright walls and cozy couches make it the perfect place to hang out and socialize. photo taken through a doorway of people sitting in the reading room And to add to the Reading Room's fun eclectic nature, Get Crafty, a weekly free arts & crafts program is hosted here! (Read all about Get Crafty in Emaan's blog post)
turquoise sign outside hart house reading room that says 'GET CRAFTY'
photo cred: Emaan
Just down the hall I found the Map Room. Named for the beautiful illustrated map of U of T that it's home to, the ivy covered Map Room seemed like the perfect place to snuggle up with a good book. It also shares space with CIUT, the campus radio station, and hosts an array of intimate concerts. photo of a giant ivy covered window with people studying in front of it photo of a colourful illustrated map of u of t photo of an illustration of commencement on the map   Something I absolutely adored about Hart House was the abundance of art hung in the hallways. Sadly I didn't get the chance to visit the Justina M. Barnicke Gallery, but finding the little pieces sprinkled throughout the halls almost made up for it. photo of a giant eclectic collage framed on a wallphoto of a photograph that reads " I got a gold card & nothing happened"   When I walked into the library I went from being 50% sure my dreams had finally come true and that I had been teleported to Hogwarts to 90% sure. I couldn't help but fall in love with the walls covered in books, the giant window benches, and the ivy creeping in everywhere. The library has definitely become my go to study spot.
Madelin reading a book in the Hart House library.
Shout out to Madelin for introducing me to this beautiful place.
photo of a laptop on a bench in front of an ivy covered window photo of ivy creeping into an open window     I finished off my afternoon exploring Hart House by venturing out into the rain and into the Quad. This gorgeous manicured courtyard has a tented area perfect for enjoying a coffee outside on a rainy day. photo of the Hart House Quad photo of a copper greek inspired statue in the rain photo of a copper greek inspired statue in the rain   What's your favourite part of Hart House? Let me know in the comments below.  photo of a person studying in a little nook    

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