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I had the chance to quickly stroll through UTSU's Street Fair between classes this week, and I was overwhelmed by the amount of back to school excitement that was in the air. Four months of summer vacation was just a bit too long for me, and for the first time in my life I actually found myself itching to go back to school. I'm so excited for my second year at U of T, I'm excited to not make the same mistakes I made last year (that means going to class!) , explore new places on campus, join the clubs I didn't have the chance to, and to blog all about my experiences! A quick glance around the fair was all it took to see that I wasn't the only one excited to go back to U of T, so I decided to ask some other students what they are excited for this year!
portrait of Alif in front of Whitney Hall
"I'm directing the History Student's Associations second annual academic conference and I am very excited to see its success!" - Alif, 2nd year
Photo of Tatiana in the UC quad
"I'm excited to live downtown!"  - Tatiana, 1st year 
Portrait of Matt in front of Varsity fields
"I'm excited to work with the UC Lit and see what they have in store this year!" - Matt, 3rd year
Portrait of Georgie in front of the engineering mural on St George
"My goal this year is to maintain a decent school and social life while not living on campus, so I'm excited to meet that goal." - Georgie, 2nd year
Photo of Rosalyn in front of a U of T Global Brigades banner
"I'm excited to get to work with Global Brigades again this year!" - Rosalyn, 4th year (Want to know more about Global Brigades? See Nancy's post about her experience with them here.) What excites you about going back to school? Let us know by tweeting your answer with the hashtag #BacktoUofT  

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