On flexibility and finding what you love

At this time three years ago I was planning out my courses for first year (with the previous year's calendar because the one for 2012-2013 wasn't out yet... yeah, keen is my middle name). At that point I was sure that I wanted to major in history and do a double minor in classics and anthropology.
a timetable made in word with classes blocked in and colour coded
my first semester plan -- Greek and latin were very short lived as I realized that they weren't for me (but I replaced them with other classes that I really enjoyed)
As first year progressed, however, I realized that while I liked my anthropology and classics classes (not counting Greek and Latin -- kudos to anyone who makes it past the first couple weeks in those classes, you're a stronger person than I) I didn't feel the same passion for them as I had expected to. At that point I decided to simply do a history specialist until a friend of mine was looking at the Victoria College Academic Programs page in the dining hall one day and pointed out the Material Culture minor to me. I was intrigued from the first sentence and immediately applied for the POSt. Since it's only a minor it fits in really well with my history specialist and I really really enjoy my material culture classes. the front of the main university college building flanked by red balloons Last week I volunteered at the Spring Campus Open House representing Material Culture and I had a really great time sharing what I love about my program with possible incoming students. a room with tables and boards with programs names on themIf you know absolutely what you want going into first year or choosing your POSts then that's amazing but if you're not sure, or you've made it to the end of first year and you're not sure what you're doing is for you, don't fret! Flexibility is important in university and in realizing you don't like something you thought you would you may find something else that you absolutely love.
a screenshot of the vic programs website showing tiny little niche programs
the more obscure the program the better! (I kid I kid -- but seriously I know people in four of these programs and they all love them)
a girl holds up flyers for history and philosophy of science and smiles. What about you U of T? Did you stumble upon any programs that you hadn't considered before? Let me know in the comments below! 

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