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Last week my pal Api wrote a post about her top-5 student friendly smartphone apps and I decided to piggy back on her post by sharing my favourite smartphone apps: U of T edition. These are all apps that are U of T focused, from a map of the campus (all three) to the portal/blackboard (what is it really called?) app. These apps are all free and available on iOS and Android platforms (some are also available on the Blackberry app store but others wouldn't tell me where they were available so definitely search your app store of choice for them!)
iphone screenshot showing a folder labled "education" with pages, ibooks, ut libraries, U of T, blackboard, and U of T map apps in it
Viola my super serious education folder
the Portal app is probably my most used school app. Once you set it up all your courses appear and you can change the colours and order they appear on the home screen. When you click on the app all the options are the same as the desktop site so you can check your syllabus, your readings, or your grades right from your phone. 3 screenshots showing the blackboard/portal app loading screen, screen showing one listed course, screen that shows course information and options to lick on after you select a course The U of T libraries app is handy when you find yourself deep in the stacks at Robarts without a call number and don't want to trek back down to the computers or dig through your stuffed backpack for your laptop. three screenshots of the u of t libraries app showing main page, search results,  the page that shows the book information after you click on a search result Although I'm sure you know where your classes are by this point in the semester, the map app is really handy during the exam period when you're super stressed and trying to find a building that you've never heard of. three screenshots of map app showing list of  buildings, home page where you choose which campus, and map image of campus and finally... the mother of all U of T apps. This app basically acts as a homescreen for all the other apps and you can pick and choose which apps and U of T web pages you want to add to it. You do need to have the individual apps (like portal) installed because it will redirect you to them when you click on a certain icon. u of t app screenshots: "dashboard" of different U of T apps and bookmarked web pages. Screenshot of this blog, screenshot of important dates Those are my top U of T focused apps that I have on my phone! Any out there that I haven't listed (half my friends didn't know about most of these apps and we're in third year so I'm betting that there are ones I don't know about)?   

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