Commuting: The Multitasking Edition

Like most students here at the University of Toronto, I am a commuter student. As such, I spend a large portion of my time every day on our city's treasure: the TTC. Unlike many of my peers though, my commute is not that long. I only really have to be on the TTC for half an hour to get to campus. I know, I'm blessed. I commend those brave souls who travel to campus all the way from places like Ajax! The sum of those individuals' commute is definitely not 41 minutes. Yes -- I deliberately made a Sum 41 joke in 2014, I apologize for that.  Back to the subject at hand, yes, it's slightly annoying to put your life on pause to sit in public transit. Nevertheless, I've recently started to take a new perspective on it, and I've actually come to embrace my time on the TTC. To quote the great Ferris Bueller: "Life moves pretty fast. If you don't stop and look around once in a while, you could miss it." You don't actually have to have a miserable experience while commuting! It can even be *audible gasp* enjoyable. Here's what I did:
  1. My readings.
    Me holding one of my Anthropology of Youth Culture text.
    The Anthropology of Youth Culture!
    I don't start new readings since I find it pretty difficult to start new readings in the frenzy of the TTC. However, I find it extremely helpful to re-read readings that I've already started or finished. While it is always advised that you look back at your readings, I perpetually ignore that fact, unless I'm on the TTC. Therefore, the TTC is a treasure to my GPA.
  2. Read newspapers.
    Me expressing sadness.
    I came too late. No copies of the Metro were left.
    I can't even explain to you how far behind in the real world I was until this summer. Yes, we have the Internet. But with the Internet comes videos of dogs reuniting with their owners after a year. Why in the world would I voluntarily skip out on that, and instead read about Rob Ford's $9-billion subway plan. It's sad to say this -- because I'm basically admitting I'm an old person -- but the subway excites me these days, because I know I will have time to just read the newspaper. Getting topical is becoming fun for me!
  3. Listen to music.
    Me embarassing myself in public. I'm not singing,  I'm sanging!
    Me trying to achieve the whistle register.
    Sometimes I don't want to think -- sometimes I just want to put Avril Lavigne's Girlfriend on full blast through my earphones, and just wail my arms. This is honestly such a stress reliever for me, you don't understand. Sometimes it takes making a fool out of yourself to put everything back into perspective. (Warning: Never try to listen to Landslide by Fleetwood Mac while alone on the subway, you may start thinking about life and stuff)
  4. Sleep. Me sleeping. self-explanatory.
And that, folks, is how I realized, that the commuting part of being a commuter was not actually that bad. So, UofT, what do you do on your commute?

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