Student Societies: Part III

The final edition to my three part series on the various student governance structures on campus is on student groups from other faculties and professional programs. Elections are currently happening everywhere, with posters all over campus to Facebook cover photos galore. While some of the elections have now passed, you still should know about the bodies that govern you (or at least hope to make life a little easier during the roughest of times!). EngSoc - The Engineering Society is the student government for undergraduate (full time and part time) Engineering and Applied Sciences students at the home to the oldest engineering school in Canada. Every student in this faculty is automatically a member and eligible to use provided services through annual membership fees. EngSoc offers a number of services, resources and activities for its student. They also represent students on a number of councils and representations. You can find an extensive breakdown of their council here. Fun Fact: Skule is actually a registered trademark of EngSoc. You can also find out more about Skule related items on Skulepedia.  Physical and Health Education Undergraduate Association (PHEUA) - The PHEUA is the student society for all undergraduate students enrolled in the Faculty of Kinesiology and Physical Education. They help organize activities for students, enhancing community life for their undergraduates. Their executive consists of an elected president and seven vice presidents for finance, academics, graduates, external, communications, social, and equity.

The Faculty of Music Undergraduate Association (FMUA) Available for all undergraduate music students in the Edward Johnson Building (room 117D), FMUA includes an executive committee, annually elected officers and a number of different committees with varying responsibilities. They plan a number of events for students while promoting the interests of their students. Nursing Undergraduate Society NUS represents all undergraduate nursing students. They help to facilitate student life for nursing students, provide support and plan a number of events. Medical Society The Medical Society is the student governance group for all undergraduate medical students. They oversee student life, organize events and networking opportunities. There are a number of positions on the executive, including President, various VP positions (from internal affairs for each campus to communications) and class representatives. OISE Graduate Student Association The GSA's council has four representatives for each department in OISE: Department of Applied Psychology & Human Development (APHD), Department of Leadership, Higher & Adult Education (LHAE), Department of Curriculum, Teaching & Learning (CTL) and the Department of Humanities, Social Sciences & Social Justice Education (HSSSJE). There is also the department student association (DSA) which works with the GSA to plan a number of events and create a welcoming environment for OISE students. Student Law Society The SLS is a governing body for every student enrolled in the Faculty of Law. There are year representatives and an executive, both of which are elected (secretly I was hoping to find something funnily tyrannical here, just for kicks, no such luck!).  There are a number of positions in student affairs, social affairs and the exec, aimed to improve and represent their students. -Vahini

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