Easing Into Round 2

While many have already set goals, carved out their regular spot at Robarts, and resumed to a military school way of daily life, I’ve firmly operated this entire week as a slow ease into what will be another round of chaos. And what better than the week of Winterfest to help me enjoy the last days of sunshine?

With the same kind of spirit and even more events, Winterfest is something to always look forward to. In many ways, it's a much more laid back version of frosh week, but in this round, everyone knows one another and there aren't as many bright shirts around. (A huge thank to you to student government leaders and committees for putting this together and ultimately easing the pain of back to school doom & gloom this week.)  The first week of second semester is a painfully sweet one of everything of dealing with saying goodbye to your Michael Buble Christmas playlist, sorting through syllabi and classes as your life depends on it, and realizing that AM starts to your day is a thing again. Or perhaps, this is one long ode to convince myself that easing into this week was an all-right thing to do. If ignorance is bliss, I'm riding this wave into next week's readings. Maybe I'm crazy for not feeling guilty in my avoidance of the library, but if last semester taught me anything, it's that if you need to convince yourself of taking a break, then you need the break. In this case, it was one that needed to go past the two weeks, and sometimes thats all right. For someone whose new year's resolution was to make none, it sounds as though I technically have (and insofar, suceeded!). And if you’ve done the same, I'll see you on Sunday as you nurse your tired soul towards your planner, already filled with dates galore. But briefly, I ask must ask, that you allow yourself to for a few seconds reminisce on the break you had, and the even better week that was brought to you. -Vahini      

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