Breaking out of holiday mode.

Well, I don’t know about you, but my Christmas break was a whirlwind of family, friends, food, and more food. It was pretty darn cold back at home in Northern Ontario. So even though I got out to shovel snow and got to spend a day downhill skiing, a good portion of my holiday was spent inside lounging around… But hey, it was a much-needed break that helped me recharge. Now that I’m all rested up, I’m pumped and ready to get back into work-out mode. I know, I know, “going to the gym” is one of the most clichéd New Year’s resolutions ever. But that’s why I’m not thinking of it as a “resolution.” I’m just thinking of it as something else that’s a part of my schedule, the same way lectures, tutorials, and club meetings are. I took some time over the break to browse the schedules for drop-in fitness at Hart House and the Athletic Centre to see which classes fit into the rest of my schedule. I also made a note of the women-only hours so I can plan to hit the SCC. With exercise, I find that making a schedule and specifically allotting time for working out helps ensure that I actually make it out to the gym.
Time to get moving again!
Another great way to stick to something once you start is to join an activity that requires regularly meeting up with others. There’s even research that shows incorporating exercise into your social life can help keep you on track! Luckily at U of T, we have lots of cool opportunities to do so. I’ve decided to try something new this semester – tennis!! Lessons start next week and I can’t wait! The AC offers a bunch of other registered programs too, from Tae Kwon Do to gymnastics. Check out the schedules/fees and if you like what you see, register online or at the main office! Hart House also offers registered classes in their fitness centre. Did you know that you could learn hip hop or archery there?! All it takes is a few clicks to sign up! And of course, there’s winter intramurals! Get in touch with the intramural rep(s) from your college/faculty if you’re interested in playing indoor co-ed ultimate frisbee or indoor soccer (men’s and women’s). There’s even competition between the U of T campuses through tri-campus sports, and tryouts are coming up very soon for men’s and women’s indoor soccer, and men’s cricket. Finally, UTSU is giving you a second chance to check out the hundreds of U of T clubs with their Winter Clubs Fest in the Varsity Dome. And don’t forget to drop by the Varsity Arena for some awesome music and free skating at the Winter Warm-Up! I hope that you were able to rest up over the holidays and are ready to tackle the new year. I’m looking forward to another semester of sharing fun ways to get active at U of T!! -Lesia PS: One more thing I need to mention – getting a gym locker makes a HUGE difference!! If you are going to be there several times a week and you don’t live on campus, I say it’s a REALLY good idea. I got tired of lugging around my gym stuff pretty quickly last year, and definitely would not have gone to Hart House as much if I didn’t end up getting a locker there.

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