An Ode To Procrastination

Its that time of the year again...when everything seems so much more important than writing your paper. So instead of writing a blog post, writing a paper or doing my readings, I wrote an ode to procrastination. Confession: every year since first year, I've been skipping almost every single one of my Monday morning or afternoon classes. I just can't say no to the longer weekend possibility. And its embarrassing to say but most of my Bs on my transcript are from those 3 classes. And I am still doing it today - but for more valid reasons. Still bad though! Maybe next week, I'll change. But for now, I'll leave you with this... Monday Morning As the school bells toll, I sleep away my soul. The clock ticks, The water drips. The saucers scream While I eat ice cream. The silence is deafening, Boredom is a blessing. The tune of torment Is truly delightful. For it is the Sound of nothing Nothing being done, Nothing being sung. It’s the sound of The crow’s caw, The cricket’s chirrup. It is the draining echo Of an eternal ennui. It’s the rhythmic tap, Of an astray heartbeat. The devouring gulp, Of a whirlpool. It’s the resonance Of organized chaos. It’s the subtle hum Of disappointment, The deafening roar, Of procrastination. It’s the muted chorus Of a million Happy endings Destroyed. It’s the jingle Of an internal war. It’s the silent refrain Of lavish languor. .....................And a tanka to top it off: I stand here futile, With no control or power. I abide great loss Of self, esteem and conscience. When my fault and flaw convene. -Sarah Now go do some homework! Sending you tons of good vibes and positive energy to get you through this abnormally hectic semi-final stretch!

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