Still looking for a summer job? Don’t despair!

Don't have a summer job, but want one? I know a lot of you started summer job search as early as December, but some of you are still jobless, and I know - it's almost half way through the summer months, and some of you are thinking, "Why bother?", right? WRONG. There are still jobs out there. Summer job search isn't over until the end of summer! For example, @jimmiutm for the UTM Career Centre Twitter posted about a resort position in Japan - applications are still open for a two-month summer contract. But you don't need to go all the way over to Asia to find a summer job. There are still tons of employers looking for immediate placement right here at home, at U of T. Those of you on OSAP know about the work-study positions around campus during September-April, but apart from work-study positions, U of T also offers a lot of other work opportunities. For example, there are "casual positions" where you are signed to short-term contracts - summer jobs, in other words! Take the Faculty of Physical Education and Health for example. They employ 6-700 students every year, and 130-140 of those are work-study. 80% of the people they hire are U of T students and they are the largest part-time employer on campus. If you go to the Career Centre website and do an advanced search under organization name for "U OF T - FACULTY OF PHYSICAL EDUCATION AND HEALTH", you'll see a list of part-time casual positions available, effective immediately. I talked with Darcy and Ali, Manager of the Centre for Leadership Training and Education and Pool Manager at the faculty. They tell me that they offer an "extensive training program" to students they hire, where apart from a general orientation you attend when you first start work, you not only get scenario training specific to your job, you get hands-on practice, as well as workshops regarding equity and accessibility. They don't just want you to work, they want you to learn and grow. Talk about fabulous work experience! And their wages are incredibly competitive. Depending on your qualifications, they offer upwards of $29/hr for the position of leadership clinic instructor! In fact, they will be doing wet screening for their aquatics positions on July 11th, so hurry over to the Career Centre website or to see what jobs are waiting for you! If you've given up looking for a summer job, dust off your resumes and polish your cover letters. Look around - posters, signs, ads - to see what's available, check websites for postings, and search the Career Centre for new listings every day. There are employers looking for you, right now. All you've got to do now is to find them, and present yourself. Good luck!

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