A Penny Saved is a Penny Earned?

Alrighty Penny Pinchers! This post is for all of you who empty all the change from your wallet and start counting pennies, just barely scraping up enough change just to pay for cookie at Tim Hortons. Almost two years of University have taught me some awesome tricks to saving money...so here we go: Eight (Crazy, Practical, Wild, Unique, Ridiculously Cheap) Ways to Save Money. 1. Get a re-usable water bottle: The amount of money you can save from buying a water bottle and filling it up with water from a fountain as opposed to using those plastic bottles is really enough to buy yourself the cookie 🙂 2. Get a thermos: A lot of coffee places, like Tim Hortons, Second Cup and even Starbucks, (I think) will give you a discount when you use a thermos. Even if the discount is small - like 25 cents, after 5 or 6 hot drinks, you could get a free one with the money you save! (like buy six and get the last one free!) A good deal for those tea or coffee lovers. 3. Re-use the tea bag: Okay, this one is a crazy one - I've seen it been done before, but I've never actually tried it. Lets say you get tea from second cup. After you are done, pour boiling water again into the cup, let the tea bag steep, add milk and sugar and voila! You have another cup. Rumour has it, the tea bag can last two rounds. 4. Use the free stuff: Hey, you're real cheap? Sid Smith & Koffler Centre Second Cup, have milk and sugar outside their locations. If you're like me, and you've bought a box of tea (a good way to save if you are a heavy tea drinker - buy a box, and get 25 tea bags for $7!), use the milk and sugar provided from the coffee shops. 5. Take advantage of the discounts: I always come near the U of T bookstore on Fridays to discover the array of books available...I picked up a 600-page book that was $0.99! Now, a good deal doesn't mean you have to buy what you don't need, but take advantage of the opportunity to save money in areas you would have to spend anyways. 6. Use coupons: Grocery flyers, newspapers and other publications all have coupons available that can cut down your cost expenses. You'd be surprised how much $2 here and there can really save you. 7. Take advantage of your Health and Dental Plan: You pay a lot of money every year to have a plan - very few people take advantage of the services you plan offers (I know, they don't exactly make it easy by explaining exactly what's covered and how to get reimbursed), but check out what's covered, and use the plan! 8. Tokens or a Metropass: Yes, it makes a different. You can get 4 tokens and a loonie for inputting a $10, and you can save about 10 bucks every month by using a Metropass...if you travel a lot, or would like to travel more, do get a pass. But even if you only travel once a week (as I do, being in residence and not needing to use the subway), tokes are still a way to save. Any More Ideas? Be sure to leave a comment or suggestions 🙂 (Don't worry, your email address won't be published) Happy Saving! Fariya

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  1. If you’re still renting DVDs, use the Toronto Public Library. You can reserve online and the wait isn’t usually very long.

  2. Oh and on #4, I’d just say, make sure if you’re using the Second Cup’s milk and sugar, make sure you’re buying your bags of coffee or boxes of tea there. Otherwise it’s kinda stealing.

  3. I have an untested, but conceivable, theory that you could pretty much get 2 months worth of free pizza in September and January with all the career/club info. sessions.

    And who knows, maybe one of those clubs may be interesting enough to join…..which would lead to even more free pizza.

  4. At the beginning of every school year, my little brother amasses coupon booklets that his school gives out, he goes through them, rips out all the coupons that don’t have an expiry date (apparently a surprising number of them) and uses them throughout the year. You have to wonder if it’s a time-efficient exercise, but hey, whatever you can for a couple of bucks in March.

  5. You know, Neil, the idea with Pizza might really work – I don’t know anyone who has tested it, but it would be sure worth a try (although probably a time consuming process for free lunch) 😀