Domains of Innovation (Old)

Colourful wheel with "innovation hub domains" in the centre, and the domains listed around it: whole student development, access for every student, fostering connectedness, future ready students, and integrated learning experiencesThe Innovation Hub launched out of a desire to explore two questions: Who are our students? and How is the world changing for them? We wondered how the answers to these questions might shape the ways in which we design programs, services, and resources to support students throughout their time at UofT, from start to finish. To tackle these questions, we began by creating a diverse team that brought together over 100 students, staff, and faculty from across disciplines and departments to work in partnership with each other.

At the launch event in May, 2016, we crowdsourced data from over 260 UofT community members around the question: What do students need in order to live a good life? Based on this data, we identified five domains of innovation to give scope to the Innovation Hub work:  

  1. Access For Every Student
  2. Fostering Connectedness
  3. Future-Ready Students
  4. Integrated Learning Experience
  5. Whole Student development

We created teams around each domain that were co-led by student and staff leaders who generated insights into students’ experiences and conducted need finding sessions based on data from observations and over 130 conversations and interviews.


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