Interlude: Moving On

“'Cause little by little, we gave you everything you ever dreamed of Little by little, the wheels of your life have slowly fallen off Little by little, you have to give it all in all your life” - ‘Little by Little’, by Oasis
These past eight months have been a whirlwind. Sitting here now, on the precipice of bringing my freshman year of university to a close, it’s amazing to look back and see how much has changed since I first touched down in Toronto, and since I first began writing for the site.

Where the Lines Overlap

"Tracing patterns across a personal map And making pictures where the lines overlap" - 'Where the Lines Overlap', by Paramore
A couple of weeks back, a friend told me about an upcoming art exhibition happening over at the University of Toronto Art Centre. I was interested in going to the opening night, but engineering did its thing and I wasn’t able to make it. However, seeing as how I’ve had a sudden uptick in free time lately, I took the time out to appreciate some of the amazing talent we have right here on campus.
I was greeted by a bright, inviting orange door, decorated only by a neat, sans-serif description and thin arrow.
I was greeted by a bright, inviting door, decorated only by a neat sans-serif description and thin arrow.

‘So Long, Winter!’ (or, ‘Later, Midterms!’)

“English summer eating up the atmosphere Day-time bathers sleep in the shade Clouds crawl over dampening our attitudes People run for shelter from the pouring rain” - ‘English Summer’, by The Moons
Well, we did it. Mild or not, our first winter here in Toronto has come to pass, and we're in one piece! With one final flurry of tests, I’ve wrapped up midterm season, too. It’s a peculiar feeling - one on hand, having so many evaluations has made time pass by awfully slowly. On the flip side, it feels like freshman year has passed me by entirely too quickly.

A Semester-in-Review

"You got me shakin' got me runnin' away You get me crawlin' up to you everyday, Don't bring me down, no no no no no, I'll tell you once more before I get off the floor Don't bring me down." - 'Don't Bring Me Down', by Electric Light Orchestra
Two months into the winter semester of my freshman year here at U of T, and suffice it to say, a lot has happened. From events bringing the community together, to exams dampening the mood, first-year engineering has continued to be a rollercoaster of highs and lows.

The Class of 2019’s First TO ‘Storm’

Unless you’ve lived under a rock (or equivalent room with no view or exposure to the oustide world) for the past few days, chances are you’ve noticed the sudden uptick in snowy weather. For most of us freshmen, it was the first time we've actually had to navigate the campus and/or city whilst in such conditions. As one might imagine, the class of 2019's Facebook group was rife with posts of aggravation at the school remaining open, while others were closed. While it ended up being a bit of an overreaction - and that's from a 'Raincouver' native - as the 'storm' turned out to be far milder than anticipated, the past week on freshman page has been quite eventful.

It’s Still Reading Week…Right?

With the passing of reading week, somewhat begrudgingly, this past Monday marked the restart of classes. While the break definitely provided a much-needed period of rest, trying to get back into a school mindset the past couple of days has been quite the challenge. When we were in high school, spring break was the closest equivalent, but the difficulty levels of the courses puts the re-adjustment period on a level of its own.

Tackling My First Reading Week

Reading week is a great time to take a breather after a flurry of midterms in the weeks prior. I’ve heard from friends who joined one of the multiple organized trips to Montréal, and even those who flew back home for the week. For the laz — er, I mean, studious members of the community, staying around may have been the more appealing choice. At the end of the day, for whatever reasons may have come about, we’re still in downtown Toronto, so we might as well make the most of it...right?