Do the things that make YOU happy

Whether it’s turning on the TV and seeing the news, or opening up any social media app on my phone I’m constantly greeted by sad news. While it’s great that technology makes it possible to know what’s going on around the world at any given time, it also means we constantly have access to horrific events, one after another. The news mostly covers devastating events, it makes the world seem like a place where no good things can happen. I find it really difficult to hear about something devastating and just move on and knowing that such horrible things go on every single day, it makes other things in life feel pointless. How can I be worrying about my essay when an earthquake just ended the lives of so many people? Why am I stressing over readings? As horrible as all these catastrophes are, it makes me put in perspective the things that really matter in life.

If I just lose all motivation and do nothing because of seeing bad things I’d be taking my life for granted. 

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We are constantly being updated on news on our phones. (UnSplash/Robin Worrall).

My dad said if you save a life you save a world. Making one positive difference in someone's life means something. So going to class and smiling at your peers or holding the door open for the person behind you are things that make people's days. I know when I’ve held the door and someone just said “thank you” I felt good after. As simple as they are, you could be changing the whole trajectory of someone's day and there is something to be said about that. 

Our worth is not determined by how productive we are. We are not robots, we shouldn't have to put work before our happiness and health. I know people who make their lives like a series of checklists and say “I’ll be happy when I achieve this,” achieves it but still isn’t happy. There is a lot of pressure around us that makes us feel like we are only valuable by what we produce. We all have goals and a lot of us put so much energy and stress into achieving perfect grades, but at what cost? What does it matter if we’re top of our class if we won't be well enough to enjoy the benefits? Now, I’m not saying we shouldn't work hard and strive for excellence, but we need balance. 

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Creating a work life balance is essential. (Pexels/

If watching TV makes you happy then you shouldn’t feel guilty for procrastinating your essay when your favourite show is on. If reading a book for pleasure over one for school makes you happy you should read a chapter before getting to your textbook. If getting an extension on your paper so you can avoid an all nighter is what you need, don’t feel bad for being human. If going out with friends makes you happy then go out. If staying in, enjoying time alone makes you happy, stay in.  If dressing up in a funky outfit makes you happy, then go for it and not care what anyone else will think. 

Life is too fragile to not do the things that make us happy. 

Sammi Herlich

Images of Sammi in a pink dress with blue cotton candy with the text "Do the things that make you happy"
Eating Cotton Candy makes me happy...😋

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