Libraries besides Robarts🦚🦃

Robarts, the giant turkey or peacock (depending on your POV) that most U of T students have pretty strong feelings about; you either love it or avoid it at all costs. No matter what your opinion on this maze of a building is, it’s not the only library U of T has to offer, The University of Toronto library system is ranked as one of the top three in North America – after Harvard and Yale.

Here are a few libraries scattered around St.George campus that are worth checking out for a change of scenery.


Trust me when I say #robarts isn’t the only library at #uoft !!!🦃🦚 —Sammi #library #study #uni #TO

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1.University College Library

15 King's College Cir. Second Floor

In my opinion one of the coolest looking places on campus. If not to study, at least just check it out for yourself! There's also the Clark Reading Room right across from it as well as the newly opened Owlery Cafe.

2.Hart House Library

7 Hart House Cir.

You can't go wrong with those Hogwarts vibes we all know and love. Plus, Hart House is THE place to be since after studying you can head to the gym, the Arbor Room for a snack or get to hear students playing on the pianos (my fave thing about Hart House).

3.John W. Graham Library, Trinity College

3 Devonshire Place, 6 Hoskin Ave

Super cozy and great window views of the Munk Schools' courtyard. Also a fairly central spot on campus, close by to St.George street.

4.Gerstein Science Information Centre

9 King's College Cir.

There are sooo many different environments to study within this one building. Within this centre there are many floors with a Reading Room, Silent Zones, and other areas with lots of cubicle study spots.

5.Emmanuel College Library

75 Queen's Park Cres E

The literal spot where the Tears for Fears music video was filmed. What could be cooler than that?!?

6.Earth Sciences Library

5 Bancroft Ave

If you’re a science student this library has lots of resources for you!  The collection has materials on forestry, geology, botany, zoology, ecology, and natural history.

Let us know what your favourite library is!

Until next time,

Sammi Herlich

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