From Homebody to Schoolbody

As any class comes to an end and I begin closing my laptop and packing my bag, all I really want to do is go home. As a commuter student, it’s easy to dash right back on the subway after a lecture or tutorial and get to retreat back to the comfort of my own home. Yet as someone hoping to immerse myself in campus life and to meet new people, this homebody habit leaves me in a dilemma. On the one hand, I would love nothing more than to just hang out on my couch watching TV, I genuinely do want to make the most of being a student at U of T and the facilities and people it has to offer. This past year I have made an effort to resist my homebody tendencies and spend more time being on campus and I’m happy I’ve done so for a few reasons: 

  1. Meeting People:

Staying on campus after class leaves more time for chatting with those around you. Waiting and seeing what events you can stumble upon and happen to join opens up opportunities for meeting people. Hart House has definitely become a place where I love wandering around since I’m usually bound to find some sort of activity or event. There have been times I’ve walked into Art Sales, Button Making and other events that I would have missed if I had rushed home. The chances of making new friends at home are also slim to none…unless you count the houseplants.🌱

Three buttons
At this point I've made hundreds of buttons at Hart House!

2. Productivity: 

There’s a large difference between working at home versus on campus. Working at home feels more relaxed, I can take many breaks to go to the kitchen and have a snack, chat with my sisters, watch youtube videos, watch TV…––OKAY working at home has a lot of distractions (I guess that’s what makes it more appealing!) In a silent library you are there to work, which is a good thing when it comes to getting things done. 

working outside at Hart House

3. Fitness:

If I’m not signed up, it probably won't happen. Last semester while I told myself I would head to the gym more and join drop-in classes if I had the option to stay at school and workout or go home, you can guess which one I’d choose. This semester I’m using a different approach–I’ve signed up for a couple registered fitness classes so no matter how lazy I feel, it will force me to be on campus and take care of my body.

4. Making memories:

When I graduate I want to feel like I had the university experience. With this mindset, spending more time just being at school chatting with my peers, working, or heading to the gym will help me gain the most while being a U of T student.

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