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3 New Hobbies I’ve Tried This Summer

Here’s are some of the hobbies I’ve been developing this summer!

Hobbies can take life from a 6 to a 10. Really. Not only do recreational activities help you de-stress and relax, but they are a form of active rest. Rest isn't just about snoozing –– it's about re-charging your energy and re-invigorating your spirit.

This summer, I've been trying new activities that aren't just about consuming information –– like watching TV and reading books –– but that are demanding in a way that doesn't suck energy. For example, creating art or getting physically active are two past times that require input, and ironically, they can be the best way to renew your energy and feel better.

1. Photography

I've loved photography for many years, but I've only recently gotten back into it this summer. While I was in Spain, it was easy to get great shots on a daily basis, but now that I'm back in Canada, I find myself struggling to find anything to take a picture of –– unless I'm out in the mountains.

To motivate myself, I've been getting out in nature more and pulling out my Fujifilm Instax Wide 300 camera to practice the art of getting an aesthetic instant photo.

girl covering her face with a white instax wide 300 fujifilm camera

2. Biking

I remember my childhood days spent biking the streets of my neighbourhood with the other kids who lived nearby. Not only was biking a great way to get active, it was a social hobby.

This summer, I haven't been very motivated to get out there and bike on my own. Why? Because, truthfully, biking can be kind of boring when you do it alone. It wasn't until I found a biking buddy to explore the city with (my sister) that I started to bike more frequently and enjoy the trips I made around town.

three instax photos, one of a large red building, a row of trees and a futuristic scultpure

3. Cooking

I've never been a great cook, and even though I'm becoming more comfortable in the kitchen, I'm still not fantastic at creating edible dishes. That said, trying out new recipes has kept me busy in the spare time I've had between my summer classes.

I began by making smoothies (strawberry banana smoothies, in fact) and have progressed to making cesar salads and sweet potato dishes, along with roast beef and brown sugar chicken. Becoming more confident about my cooking abilities has really helped reduce stress about what I'm going to cook, and it's an exciting new way to spend my time!

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