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So, what happens to all the lockdown pets?

Recently, I've heard that many animal shelters are filling up because of people’s lockdown pets and many have been getting way too full as the lockdowns are lifted in different countries. Some of my friends have looked after pets for the shetlers until they are formally adopted and it’s helped them out in this isolated time. I’m going to share some places that they have found great and you can help out from either donating, adopting or just sharing these resources that would help them out.

Many of my friends have fostered both cats and dogs for between 5-15 weeks to help these downtown Toronto shelters out since we shifted to an online year. The time varied depending on the time for them to find and be fully adopted by a family. For the people that lived away from their family it felt like it minimised the time at home and of course each pet is wonderfully unique. They really liked having them to help calm them during the term and all felt a little happy and sad when they were adopted by someone - overall it was a great experience and boosted their mental and physical health. If you are wanting to adopt, the process is much longer at the moment because the animals need to see a vet before being adopted and vet bookings are quite behind due to the pandemic so currently it might be better to find other ways to help these shelters. 

Adoption dogs on Redemption Paws website
Redemption Paws

As I was researching and asking around, these are some animal homes and adoption places if you wanted to know a few in and surrounding Toronto 🐶🏡 :

  • Redemption Paws - Focused on helping dogs impacted by dire situations, a registered charity, options to adopt, foster, volunteer & donate.
  • Save Our Scruff - A non-profit organisation dedicated to rescuing dogs and finding them safe homes through adoption, advocacy and education. Many opportunities to get involved.
  • Toronto Humane Society - Promotes the humane care and protection of all animals through community programs and support for pet owners. Many different ways to get involved or contribute.
  • Dog Tales - A dog rescue & horse sanctuary in beautiful King City, so perhaps more relevant for those at home outside downtown. (banner image).

I asked a U of T fan account of campus dogs @uoftfloofspotting and they gave me some of the same places and a few more which I'll leave below:

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