5 study snacks for Easter and this online semester

It's getting to that point in the semester where the work keeps coming and there are many online lectures and things to study. Ideally, I would like to make some of these study snacks myself but online school is tough and so I just get them from the stores because I don't have time to make them - but if you’re good enough or have time then making them could be quite fun. Some of these are healthy and some aren't as much and I thought I'd get a realistic balance of what I eat as I study at home.

1. Smoothies

I think this has become one of my staples this past year and I have it most days and when I don't I swap it out for oatmeal or porridge as my healthy breakfast choice. I like to make a large smoothie and keep it for when I study in the morning. I prefer berries to green smoothies at the moment.

2. Frozen grapes or mango

Cold grapes

Now these are surprisingly good and as the weather heats up I will definitely have more of these. I would buy pre-frozen mango but the grapes need putting in the freezer overnight. If you haven't had these before then I think you should give it a go. I like them because they are like dried fruits but feel more fresh and the cold texture of the fruits are great to snack on.

3. Hot Cross Buns

Hot cross buns on a plate

I really like these as they are simple, and really nice when fresh. They are quite nice with tea or coffee and you won't get a sugar rush or crash when studying. If you want to mix it up or try something new then give these Easter favourites a go. The image is from the Marks and Spencer website and I think these are some of the best around.

4. Cadbury Mini Eggs

Chocolate Mini Eggs

These are special. Not incredibly good for you but I think treating yourself is not a bad thing. They have a nice pastel colour and in my opinion are not too sweet or too full of chocolate which many other eggs can be. And because they are mini, they are a nice study snack and a feel good one too. A little too good as they are pretty much sold out everywhere.

5. Cookies

White chocolate and raspberry cookies

I have to say that I got introduced to them really in Canada. I don't think I would have picked them up in a store a couple of years ago - I just didn't see anything special in them. Now, I think my favourite is a white chocolate and raspberry cookie. And the balance between softness and indulgence is right there.

Sometimes I run out of ideas for what to eat or I just want to mix it up and try something I haven't had in a long time. It's okay if you find eating at home difficult or repetitive, just acknowledge it and expand your space for things to try.

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