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Fear of Graduation

It’s coming to the end of my four years at U of T and now I’ve started facing the fact that I have no idea how to function outside of the school system. If all goes well with passing classes and such (finger-crossed) I will be graduating this June, but that means figuring out what I’ll actually be doing next year! 

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I remember feeling a similar way when I graduated high school and was about to begin first year uni: super anxious about the college life I knew nothing about, yet also really excited to experience everything new. 

I wanted to write this blog post because I’m sure there are a lot of people who feel a similar way--and who are just as nervous and relieved about graduating as I am. What I worry about the most is losing contact with my friends. In some ways our graduating class may be a little more prepared for keeping in contact with friends over Zoom, but, knowing that we are going our separate paths, moving to far away cities--some across the globe, with no fall semester to unite us in Toronto once more, is a little terrifying. 

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Charles Street (Campus)

 I’m certain there are plenty of people to meet and friendships to be made in every new place; however, to try and stay in contact, my friends and I have decided to try and keep up a book club. We’re planning on facetiming a couple times a month to share our own writing and talk about books we’ve read. 

The biggest factor is that there is a huge unknown about the future, with no clear answer about where we will all end up. I’ve become familiar with the same schedule while attending U of T--and while I do know that I will be attending grad school next year, it’s still daunting to not be following the same routine I’ve known for the past four years. 

Messy desk, black and white photo, stacked with library books.
My familiar messy desk

I’m excited to take a new step in my life, to seek new opportunities, and meet new people, but graduation can be scary as well. I think it’s worth allowing yourself to feel worried and excited at the same time. 

If you are also graduating but aren’t sure about where the world will take you next, check out the Career Exploration & Education or the U of T Alumni resources page to find job opportunities, and learn resume writing and interview skills. 

If you are graduating, or have graduated, I would love to hear your thoughts!😄

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