Attending a Time Management Bootcamp by Academic Success

Time Management is a skill that is really important to learn as a University Student. I am always looking for new ways to manage my time better and increase my productivity so I decided to attend Academic Success' Time Management Bootcamp.

Academic Success helps students thrive in their academics. They have various workshops that range form exam preparation to stress management. Academic Success also has various services that I believe are very beneficial!

Workshop Series
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We run multiple workshops and themed discussions every week to support you and all aspects of your academic success. Topics vary throughout the term. Some of our regular workshops include:

Reading Effectively
Taking Useful Notes from Classes
Engaging in Online Classes
Time Management Bootcamp
Planning your Projects
Managing your Midterms/Finals
Academic Success Workshop Series

The Time management Bootcamps are an opportunity for students to set up our weekly schedules and improve our time management skills led by an amazing and knowledgeable peer facilitator.

At the start of the workshop, I was asked to reflect on my usual routine and think about when my most productive times, what activities I enjoy doing, what tasks are easy for me and what tasks are difficult, what keeps me motivated and how I have kept myself accountable for the goals I set.

During the workshop, the peer facilitator stressed on the importance of activities not related to academics or work. She asked us to think about activities that contribute to our wellbeing and happiness. She pointed out that often times we do not schedule in non-academic activities that we enjoy into our weekly and daily goals. I appreciated this activity because it forced me to schedule everything into my calendar as opposed to just scheduling academic activities. I discovered that it is better to have your hours for extra-curriculars planned out because that contributes to your productivity and overall enjoyment during those hours.

How do these things make you feel?

Get outside
Watcha. movie
practice my coding skills
working out
unmotivated, just right, overwhelmed
Time management activity

Another important thing I learned was recognizing my peak hours. My peak hours are times when I am most energized, alert and focused. I realized I tend to be distracted and unmotivated in the evenings and that my productivity in the morning sets the tone for the rest of the day. For the past few weeks, I had been feeling unmotivated and got behind on work but this week I forced myself to wake up early like I used to and start the day right. By doing this, I have reached a great level of productivity and I get more out of my day.

I came to realize there were a lot of things wrong with my approach to time management these past few weeks and my poor time management had been affecting my mental health and wellbeing. I will definitely be attending more academic success workshops because there is a lot to learn!

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