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Blogging For CCP: End of the Year Reflection

Hello everyone! I hope you all are doing well and taking care of yourselves, especially because it’s exam season. Be sure to check out #examreadyuoft across the Life@UofT and University of Toronto: Student Life social media channels for tips and resources to help you during this time. You’ve got this! Along with being exam season, it’s also the end of the term, which means this is my last blog post! I wanted to use this opportunity to reflect on what the Centre For Community Partnerships has taught me and what blogging has been like for the past 8 months.  I’ve grown a lot this school year (as I’m sure you all have) and it’s always important to reflect on that growth and celebrate it! Before I applied for this work-study position, I did not know what the Centre For Community Partnerships even was. When I applied, I obviously did some research, but I still didn’t have a clear grasp on what precisely what I was getting into, but I was very excited to find out. CCP is pillar of UofT Student Life and is responsible for so much community engagement through initiatives both on and off campus. Over this year, I participated in Alternative Reading Week and Community Kitchens and I’ve attended a lot of really cool events and discussion panels (DemocracyXChange was one of my favorites!). This position also allowed to me to learn a lot about my fellow students, since I had to interview a lot of people, ranging from the Hart House Debate Club to the Multi-Faith Centre. Blogging on behalf of CCP helped me truly appreciate the word “community”, since I was encouraged to look at the different types of communities that exist at UofT and reflect on what unifies us. Community is something we should constantly strive towards, because it’s what can turn UofT from a daunting experience to an enriching one. I’ve learned to take matters of equity and accessibility even more seriously than I ever did before and I’ve also been constantly humbled at the sheer amount of selflessness and kindness that the people I’ve gotten to meet through CCP have displayed. I will carry the lessons I’ve learned here for the rest of my life. While I’m sad to leave this position, I will be continuing on at Life@UofT in a new role (very excited) and I still plan on being involved with CCP in whatever capacity I can next year, whether that’s through work-study, volunteering, or any other avenue. I really hope that my blog posts have opened your eyes to the world of CCP and what they're doing for UofT and the city of Toronto. Please get involved in whatever way you can! And stay tuned for next year, when a new CCP blogger will be here to share their experiences with you! Have a restful summer, you all deserve it!  
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