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Making POSt and Making Friends

We all have one or two people that we ALWAYS see in almost all our classes. Most of the time, it’s obvious to both parties; but it can be nerve wrecking to go up to them and ask “What’s your POSt?”
Whenever I meet people of the same or one of the same POSts with me, I get a rush. It's as though I've been trekking for days in the Arctic Tundra (quite literally because of this cold spell) and they're the first signs of life I see - because of them, I know that I'm not alone in this expedition that is university.
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Okay I may have dramatized that too much - but my point is, you don't have to go to the ends of the earth to find friends, a network and support through your life @ U of T. Living on residence in first year kinda gave me instant friends; having moved off rez, the friendship bonds are still there but weaker since my friends aren't across the hallway anymore. None of my immediate friends share my POSts so lately, I've been trying to meet people in my major more. You come here often? We all have one or two people that we ALWAYS see in almost all our classes. Most of the time, it's obvious to both parties; but it can be nerve wrecking to go up to them and ask "What's your POSt?", or "We are in the same classes, I think we might be studying something similar". While writing this post, a girl (who I've never spoken to before) from one of my courses came up to me and asked if I wanted to study for our term test together. She also mentioned that we are in the same tutorial for a different course. coincidence? I think not. Sometimes, we get lucky and that happens; sometimes, we wait for it to occur naturally. After first year, class sizes start to shrink and I'm finally interacting with and can put names to familiar faces. Knowing the people in my classes has made asking a quick question easier and going to class more fun in general. Teamwork makes the dream work
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what are friends for if not holding your ice cream?
Now, I'm not encouraging you copy off one another. Don't do that. Ever. I've been following MiTechGuy, a student at MIT for awhile now and have seen that even the engineers at U of T work in teams - not just on projects in which they have to but throughout university in general. From comparing answers after completing a problem set to explaining concepts and even being there for each other throughout periods of burnout. Being in the same boat is helping us to collectively fill in the gaps in our own knowledge and indirectly keeping each other afloat throughout the semester. #Relatable
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sometimes it's not that easy to find your people
After my first MSE101 term test, I met another ArtSci MatSci. In a sea of engineering students, meeting another person who shares my POSt brought our tiny but mighty army to a grand total of nine people in my year. Again, an instant friend - we connected as if we were long lost friends. I think this is attributed by how much we share in common that led us to choosing the same POSt.
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so many friend groups!
I'm new to being friends with people in my POSt but I think this additional friend group will enrich my Life @ U of T. We're going to be seeing a lot of each other over the next few years and hopefully learning lots and from each other along the way. We've already planned to have dinner together during reading week and I can't wait for it!

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