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A Wannabe Coffee Connoisseur’s Favourite Coffee around Campus

Ahh, Coffee. Arguably the water replacement of college students, the smell of a good cup of coffee is the best thing to start my day with. While I'm no professional connoisseur, I do have an appreciation for a freshly ground and hand poured brew.  Throughout my first semester at U of T, I have tried my fair share of coffee shops both on campus and off. I'll be sharing some of my favourite spots around the vicinity of U of T, because a caffeinated day is always a better one. Goldstruck Coffee
The counter and seating of a coffee shop
Goldstruck Coffee
A hidden gem that's a city favourite, this cozy and ambient coffee shop is situated in Yorkville, and a good place to grab coffee with friends after class. The decor is industrial chic, and have some of the best organic coffee. Coffee Island  A chill spot that's located at Wellesley and Bay that has phenomenal espresso brews and delicious pastries, as well as a great location if you have class near St Mikes. They have creative ways to brew beans, such as aeropress, drip, and greek styled coffee.
Picture of Old Victoria on the UofT campus
Caffiends is located in Old Vic
Caffiends U of T's very own coffee house is run by student volunteers and has fair trade, 1 dollar coffee served in donated mugs. Located in Old Vic, this is one special cafe that is definitely special. You can also bring your own mug, or take their mugs out, as long as you bring them back! Cafe Reznikoff Located on 75 St George Street, this cafe is conveniently located on campus grounds and is perfect for grabbing a latte and a muffin between classes. If you've never been, make sure to stop by and check it out!Cup of coffee that says "But First, me!"   That's it for my favourite coffee shops around campus, I hope fellow caffeine addicts like me will enjoy this short guide. Stay caffeinated, folks! -Joanna    

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