A Reflection of the First Semester of First Year

The first semester has come and gone, so fast that it just seems like a blur. For a first year student, it is surprising how far I've come since the end of August. In terms of my academic, social, and financial status, I've decided to reflect on how satisfied I've been with all three, and set some goals to improve next semester. Academic  First year is where students with previously stellar academics feel disappointed by their performance, and I was, unfortunately, one of them. Fresh out of an IB high school program, I felt prepared for what university had to throw at me. U of T's workload was surprisingly heavy, and most of the material I was not very acquainted with. Midterms seemed to creep up out of nowhere, and my midterm grades were not as high as I would've liked. After speaking to a third-year friend, however, I was reassured that this was completely normal in first year, and that I should just do as best as I could. Next semester, I plan to work ahead and spend less time procrastinating (even if its just a little!). Social  At the end of the semester, I went from knowing no one to having a strong group of friends, and a good network of extended acquaintances. I believe a social life is just as important as getting those grades and would like to continue extending my friend circle next semester. Next semester, I would also want to attend more events on campus, work out more often, and attend more residence activities. Textbook, laptop, and notebook     Financial  Living alone for the first time can be daunting. Managing finances, paying phone bills, and keeping a good credit score can be intimidating to keep up with alongside school. Reflecting, I would think that I have been very good at making budgets and sticking to them, and purchasing necessities ( save for a black friday sale that I just couldn't resist).  Next semester, I'm planning on saving up more often and making long term budgets.  
Money and budgeting
Now that the year is drawing to a close, I'd like to think that I reflected on my achievements and my shortcomings, and made a good plan for the future. What are your 2019 goals? -Joanna

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