Reading week essentials- lush bath products, tea, and snacks

Balancing Studying and Relaxation During Reading Week

We've gotten through it, the first half of the semester. The long-awaited Fall Reading Week is finally here. For many of us, it's a welcomed break from the demanding schedule of classes and early mornings. For others, relaxation is hard to think about as the next round of exams loom in the distance.  Although I myself have an exam coming up later in the month, I'm also looking forward to going home, spending time with family, and chilling out for a while. Here's my plan for a relaxing, yet productive reading week. Taking Advantage of Your Time Off  Reading week essentials- lush bath products, tea, and snacks As I'm headed home for the week, I'm taking advantage of having an ensuite bathroom for the first time since moving into residence- and hosting a spa night for myself! Picking up some new bath products can be a great way to unwind, as well as stocking up on tea and plenty of snacks. I fully plan on turning on Netflix and kicking back for at least part of the week. Making a List of My Responsibilities- and Keeping Myself in Check I often feel tied to my class schedule, doing things based on what class is coming up. A sudden break in classes when the semester hasn't ended yet can end up throwing me off, so staying on top of what I need to do can make all the difference. Making lists and jotting down a reasonable study plan for the week is a good idea, since a week off from classes can be a valuable time to catch up on work. I plan to bring home some study guides to further aid my will to study. Making the Most of Your Break Reading Week is the ultimate time to kick back and relax. I plan on taking the time to hang out with friends and catch up with family, or check out a library on campus that's sure to be empty and quiet during the week. Some other ideas for this week:
  • Catch up on classes that I've been falling behind in
  • Eat a home cooked meal- or cook a meal myself!
  • Travel somewhere new
  • Read a new novel I've had my eye on
  • Catch up with friends
  • Find quiet study spots on campus I've never been before
  • Boot up a new Netflix series
  • Relax!!

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