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Moving Out

For majority of my undergrad, I have lived in a residence dorm. It's convenient, easy, and I can interact with people on a daily basis. However, the end of the school year is the time that I dread the most because I have to move out and figure out where to store my belongings. Moving out is a taxing job and requires planning and research. If you are an international student like myself or a Canadian citizen that lives in a different province and tend to travel home for the summer, where are you going to store your belongs? Do you how to pack them? How are you going to move your things? If you have family members that live in the city that have storage, they should be your first option. However if you don't, then these are the primary questions that must be answered. Here I have a few tips on how you can successfully move out of your campus residence stress- free. Find a Storage company Finding a storage company that can store, pick up and deliver your belongs is a challenge. In addition, it is even more of a hassle to find a place that won't break the bank. "Store Your Dorm" is an excellent storage service company option for college students. They offer variety of storage services that allows students to choose which bests suits their situation and budget. Their popular option is the "4 month Summer" service and within this service they offer different storage size packages and pricing that can be beneficial. The great part of this company is that they will deliver the supplies to you, retrieve your storage, and deliver it once your summer holidays are over. The deals are a reasonable price compared to other storage companies and less of a hassle. However, if you don't like the options presented by the company, then there are other storage companies in Toronto that you can search for that can best suit your needs. Label your boxes Once you have found a company, the simplest way of packing your belongings is in a box. Believe it or not you can find a box anywhere, even for free. I tend to ask different stores for unused boxes. Another option for getting boxes and to go to a local Canadian Tire store and purchase a few. They sell boxes for under $2.00 and have a variety of sizes. In addition, duct tape is the best material to seal the boxed shut so it won't break during travel. A photo of a box and tape Ask for help Moving your belongs can be a hassle, especially lifting and loading your belongs in and out of a moving van, or crate, or a regular car. Doing this taxing work by yourself is even more exhausting, therefore I highly suggest asking a friend for help. It reduces the work load and time, by a lot! The next thing you know, you would packed all your things in less than 30 minutes and are ready to start your summer. The end of the semester is quickly approaching and from my past experience, it's best to start thinking about moving out procedures as soon as possible. Most items such as finding boxes, tape, etc. can wait to later on, but researching storage space can take some time. Hopefully, these ideas are helpful and can assist in making the moving out procedure easier.

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