Outdoor seating outside of Hart House

The Perfect Chill Spot

U of T can be quite overwhelming when it comes to finding places to relax, study, or even just hang out. It's so big it's hard to find anything. There are so many hidden places amongst the school that even now I'm still discovering. However, there are a few that I've tried out that are great student spaces where you can eat, study, or socialize with friends. Each place has their own unique atmosphere and are definitely good places to try when you are in between classes or just need a break. Sid Smith Sid Smith is one the major student hubs on campus. Not only is there an endless array of food choices such as Tim Hortons, Second Cup, etc, but it's so big you can find a spot to relax any where. Whether if it's outside, sitting on the outdoor tables or benches, to inside on the couches or the seats in the cafeteria there are many unique areas. You can even discover new clubs at Sid Smith since most clubs meet in the student lounge or hold events. Medical Science Building The medical science building is personally my favourite spot on campus. Located just besides Gerstein Library and opposite Con Hall, Med Sci is another great spot to unwind between or after classes. As soon as you enter the building you feel inspired due to the modern, futuristic ambience it encompasses. As a life science student, it's a great place to find new medical seminars or research opportunities because there are endless flyers related to the medical field. The food is amazing and the couches are comfortable enough for you to even sleep on. After lunch hour it's quite and a good place to study as well. Kelly Cafe Kelly's cafe may be smaller than Med Sci or Sid Smith, but it is equally a great spot to relax. When you are in it, you get this feeling of "I'm in a cafe studying" vibe that you see on TV. It's not quite a student lounge, but a nice cafe that serves Starbucks drinks and is next to Kelly library at St. Micheal's College where you can also conveniently go to study.
Kelly Library where Kelly Cafe is located
Kelly Cafe is locate in Kelly Library
Green Beet If you are a vegan and struggling to find food on campus that caters to your needs, then the Green Beet is your best option. It is located in Gerstein Library and all of the food items that they serve are vegan friendly. They also have a cute TeaBot machine if you enjoy tea like myself and want to try a variety of different flavours of tea.
Outdoor seating outside of Hart House
There are plenty of seating outside of Hart House to unwind.
A picture of Hart House Hart House We all know Hart House has accommodations for everything. There is a gym, music room, debates room, kitchen, and even a reading room. This room is quiet and comfy for those days when you need a break from the rush of school and want to relax. If you prefer to be outdoors then you can check out their quad or their outdoor seating area. You can still socialize and interact while enjoying the greenery surrounding Hart House. I've been to all of these locations on campus and each place is a nice area to meet friends or study. However, these are the popular locations out of many. The more you explore the colleges on campus, the more student hubs you will find with their own unique characteristics. Take a step out of your comfort zone and try these areas if you haven't already or explore more of what's around you. It'll add to your experience at U of T.

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