a warm toned library with sofas at Daniels

Library Hunt

a map pin pointing several libraries on the U of T campus Personally, midterm season has kind of just crept up on me. I know starting classes on a Thursday this semester definitely threw us all off track a little with the whole, “is it week 3? 4? 3-4?” Whether you’re the type who needs absolute silence to get some work done or whether you prefer some chatter in the room, it’s time to find your study corner to live out the rest of the season. I went on a mini library hunt last week and made you a list of some of my favourite findings:   Architecture, Landscape, and Design (Eberhard Zeidler Library) This new space is located at 1 Spadina Crescent, yes that’s the new Daniels building in the middle of the road. The original heritage building was renovated and another contemporary addition was integrated, leaving us with an ‘old side’ and a ‘new side’. With a mix of exposed brickwork, wooden floors, tall windows, and an urban rawness to it, the library offers a bright and relaxed workspace with a view to the CN Tower (and Popeye’s)! exterior shot of the Daniels building A picture of big windows and sofas in the new library at Daniels a warm toned library with sofas at Daniels Bora Laskin Law Library If you like to study outdoors but can’t deal with Toronto’s forever-confused weather, this newly renovated space (ok it’s been a year or so) allows natural light to just pour in seamlessly. Another perk is the fabulous views of Philosopher’s Walk and Trinity College for all those times you zone out – at least it won’t be a wall you’re staring at. landscaped steps leading up to the law building the stairs leading down to the main library floor in the law building large high ceiling space with natural light in the law building's library E.J. Pratt I’ll admit this gem at Victoria College may not exactly be a ‘hidden U of T treasure’ but I just had to. This has to be the most photogenic library on my list and it’s got a little lounge on the bottom floor too! There’s a space here for almost any type of student – whether you prefer a private corner, big open rooms, or just a desk with a view, this has it. Exterior shot of the E.J Pratt library inside the E.J Pratt Library quiet study area with high ceilings and white tones A student lounge on the ground floor of E.J Pratt Library looking outside at the garden  Gerstein Science Information Center Although this one of the main libraries at U of T, most people just find one spot and stick with it (guilty of doing it myself). What I recently discovered was that there’s two completely different 2nd floors with two completely different ways of getting there – ask the front desk! One is simply the new part, and one the old. Other than the visibly accessible spaces on the right, left, and 1/2/3 Below, there’s study spaces deep down in the basement level too. I’ve been here for 3 years yet I’m so sure there are spots I’m yet to discover.
a photo of the Heritage Reading Room showing the first and second floor, as well as the open skylight.
borrowed from heritage.utoronto.ca
Hart House Library There’s a lot  at Hart House, including a library. I usually went straight to the Arbour Room or the gym, but again, so much going on in this one social hub that we often don’t think to come here to get some work done. This has got high vaulted ceilings and a different feel to it – like you’re a 20th century philosophy student figuring out the meaning of life or something.
an old picture of hart house library with students in uniform sitting
courtesy of heritage.utoronto.ca
There are so many more like the Cavern at Knox College, Earth Sciences (Noranda) Library, UC Library, Rotman’s Library, Robarts 8th Floor, and the OISE Library that you might like to check out! Let me know what your favourite study spots are and if you’d like a part two on the series but this time for hidden cafes, lounges, and quads!

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