A Kangaroo at Woodsworth?

This weekend while I was looking through my Facebook newsfeed I came across a shared event through my college's Facebook page. My initial reaction was "this is totally a fake event" and had the feeling that "it was too good to be true." I shared the event with my friends and they were as excited as I was about the "Stree Be Gone: Exotic Animal Edition" event held by the WCSA. After sharing it with my friends I realized that it was worth a shot, I should totally go and check it out. After all, what better way to take a break from my midterm studying than hanging out with bunnies, birds, cute turtles...AND a kangaroo! The lesson being -  make sure to follow your college, the University, and Life @UofT on all social media channels to make sure you don't miss out on awesome events. Getting involved with your college is much easier than I thought, all events are advertised through social media and this way the word travels faster. In all honesty, I looked forward to the event all day. It started at around 4pm and by around 3:30 I had to stop studying because I was just so excited. The only thing I could think of was that there was a kangaroo downstairs at the lobby. When I got there, you could instantly notice something was going on just by the amount of people gathered at the Waters Lounge. I entered the room and we all patiently waited until one of the exotic animal guides gave us instructions on how to pet and act around the animals. Did you know that a kangaroo's long tail is extra sensitive? (we all made sure not to step on it). The best part of the experience (other than seeing a kangaroo hop around) was the birds, who at the start would repeat "hi" and "hello" but once we all got closer would start to sing and repeat what you said. Once the event was done and we decided to go upstairs we even got free cookies from the front desk, so if you ask me it was a successful adventure for the day. It was great to get to take a break from studying in order to hand out with my friends and some pretty cool animals. I will be keeping an eye out for other events going on within my college in the future.   Kangaroo Event Woodsworth

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