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Reading week is debatably the best part of February. Some students ditch the books and jet-set off on worldly adventures (hopefully to warmer climates) and others end up spending their week relaxing at home, visiting parents or *gasp*, catching up on readings. This year, my reading week was spent in Toronto at my apartment, which was a first for me because last year I spent my week off at home home (AKA: my childhood home) with my family. It was nice to have an entire week to be in Toronto with a much less hectic work/school schedule to enjoy the wonderful city I am lucky to live in. I may have not spent seven days lazing it up in tropical paradise but I did cross some sweet activites off my “Toronto To Do List”.   WHAT I CHECKED OFF ‘THE LIST’ I started reading week off right by going to SkyZone Trampoline Park on Valentine’s Day. Yes, it may have been a little untraditional, but you’d be surprised at how romantic jumping your troubles away can be. Since it was a Sunday afternoon, it was kid-central and I was deemed pretty impressive by at least four six-year olds because I can do a front flip. #FlipsOnFleek
Madeline and 3 friends posing on a bench with a toronto themed background to commemorate the trampoline experience.
Sky-Zone Toronto comes equipped with a 'selfie zone" so naturally my trampolining friends and I had to take advantage of such shameless encouragement.
My favourite meal is brunch. As a sucker for anything with hollandaise sauce, reading week could not have been complete without a heaping plate of eggs benedict. I was able to satisfy that craving at my favourite breakfast place. It’s super close to my apartment and oh-so-hip. If you’re ever exploring around West Queen West between 10am and 3pm on a weekend, it’s probably in your best interest (with the added perks of stomach happiness and instagram aesthetic) to stop by Easy Restaurant in the Parkdale neighbourhood.
A photo of eggs benedict with home fries and arugula salad.
Eggs Benny with a side of avocado. I am pretty sure there is nothing in this world that could make me happier than what's on this plate at 11am in the morning.
Next up was a mother-daughter trip to the AGO. As previously mentioned in earlier blogs, moving away from home has made me appreciate my mother’s company and sometimes she takes the time to come visit little ole’ me in the big city. On this particular date, we decided to indulge in some serious art culture vibes by visiting the Art Gallery of Ontario on Dundas St. W. Having never been to the AGO, I was shocked at the sheer number of pieces on display at the gallery and even more impressed at the collection of Canadian art work. I may have not been able to fly to Paris, but my four hours spent at the AGO were reminiscent of Paris’ Louvre. I could not have been more pleased.  
Very small and tiny glass bottles that are delicately painted to be very colourful.
I think these Chinese snuff bottles are absolutely wonderful. I had to take a picture.
Madeline posing next to a wall that has over 10 large paintings of all different sizes hanging.
This was my favourite part of the AGO. I loved how the paintings contrasted each other and somehow complimented each other by showcasing their own individual style.
A photo of the the CN Tower from afar.
What's a day trip without some sweet views of the 6ix?
The end of my week finished in a wonderful, sunny stroll down Queen St. West with my little sister. Queen West is my favourite street in Toronto because if you have the time to walk the entire thing you can see/find pretty much anything you could ever want. Parkdale has the best Tibetan food and vintage clothing. Once you pass Dufferin, you encounter everything that is young, hip and cool. From the Drake Hotel to Trinity Bellwoods Park.. it’s a pretty great place to wander through. There is a little section of a couple blocks just before Spadina that has so many great restaurants - it’s my favourite place to go if I am hungry with no idea what I want to eat. Not only is Queen St. W amazing because of all the wonderful little shops, cafes and restaurants, but it also has some great graffiti. This is a great selling feature for anyone who wants to make their non-Toronto friends jealous of all the limitless photo-ops that come with living in such a great city.
Madeline posing beside some street art. Graffiti that is blue and yellow polkadots on a brick wall.
That sheepish smile is due to the spectators who were quite interested in watching this photoshoot go down.
Even though I barely spent any time at U of T this week, I still consider the things I was able to do as part of my #JoyAtUofT. I love that I get to experience Canada’s largest, and in my humble opinion, best city alongside my studies at the University of Toronto. I am often asked about my favourite part of U of T, and my answer is always the same: I am in love with the city, I am in love with Toronto and I believe Toronto is one of U of T’s best quality. I am slowly working away on my To-Do List, and I hope to finish it before I graduate. Do you have a "Toronto To Do List"? If so, what are your top three activities? Comment below!  

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