The Wonderful World of Bullet Journaling

For the past week, we've been talking about stress management. The thing is, stress and I don't get along. At all. When stress strikes my first inclination is to climb under the covers and wait until whatever is freaking me out goes away. Much to my dismay, that doesn't really work, so instead I focus on trying to prevent stress as much as possible.
a photo of my bullet journal, a black notebook with cat stickers
The grey cat sticker is a pretty good representation of what I look like when dealing with stress.
Thanks to the glory of tumblr, I found out about bullet journalling. Bullet journalling is a DIY diary/agenda system that allows you to plan out your day, remind yourself of important dates, and jot down quick thoughts in a super organized and easy way. I love bullet journalling because it gives me the flexibility to write down as much as I want for each day and it's totally customizable, unlike those tiny expensive agendas from Indigo. Bullet journalling has helped me figure out a way to be organized in my own messy way, and has helped me rid myself of the stress of being unprepared. DSC06865 Your monthly calendar goes on first full spread of your bullet journal.  On one side you write out your calendar and jot down important events. On the other you write down a list of things you absolutely need to get done that month so that you don't forget. DSC06870 On the next page you start your daily calendar. Here you can easily jot down any important appointments you have that day, assignments you have to get done, things to remember, things that happened, and even your favourite song. DSC06848 Now you're probably wondering what all the weird scribbles are beside the things I have written down. Those are called "task bullets". These tasks bullets help you quickly organize whatever you jot down. In my journal, I put a triangle beside any event or appointment that I have during the day, an exclamation point beside any due dates, a heart for something I find inspiring, and a star for anything that I need to remember. Beside actual tasks I put a box, and depending on whether I complete the task, cancel the task, or move it to another day, I either check it off, strike it out, or draw a little arrow in it. DSC06901   I'm extremely prone to fits of inspiration at the least convenient times, which used to leave me scrambling to find a scrap piece of paper and a pen or writing a note in my phone that I would forget about by the next day. With bullet journalling you can start a separate note page where you'd like, and continue your daily journal as normal on the next page. The bullet journal is completely flexible, and there's always room to jot down whatever's on your mind. DSC06942 If you're like me and the word "organization" scares you, I urge you to try out bullet journalling, even if only for a week. There's absolutely no way to go wrong, ad you might just find that it helps you alleviate some stress.          

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