A Visit to Andy Warhol: Revisited

After writing my post on student discounts last week, a friend pointed out to me that there was an Andy Warhol exhibit taking place just north of campus, and that tickets were half price for students! I absolutely couldn't refuse paying $5 to see the works of one of the world's most famous artists up close and personal, so this past weekend I took a visit to Andy Warhol: Revisited. wall covered with photos of andy warhol Andy Warhol: Revisited is a pop up show running until the end of December. The exhibit is nestled in the core of Yorkville, a neighbourhood who's ties to fashion and luxury pair perfectly with Warhol's art.
three of Warhol's iconic Campbell's Soup Cans
It is rumoured that Warhol ate Campbell's soup for lunch everyday, making this series not only one of his most famous, but also his most personal.
  several art works of famous 20th century men with text reading "socialites" above them I found it interesting how relevant Andy Warhol's works still were, even if the bulk of them were created between the 1960s and the 1980s. I usually associate Warhol with Marilyn Monroe and soup cans, so getting a chance to look at his more political pieces was intriguing.
a portrait of Lenin, predominately coloured red
Warhol's "Red Lenin" is a great view into the Cold War panic of the mid 20th century.
image of the author reflected on a painting
The show does allow cameras, something I didn't find out until after I arrived. In order to beat the glare of the glass, take a real camera with you and position it perfectly parallel to the glass.
I've only ever seen Warhol pieces replicated online or as posters, so I never noticed just how much texture they had. an image of mickey mouse from Warhol's "Myths" collection, accented with diamond dust Many of the pieces have diamond dust featured throughout them, which was beautiful to examine up close. The show has no ropes, so you can really admire the detail of the pieces (just don't touch!). upclose image of the texture in a warhol piece Andy Warhol: Revisited is on until December 31st at 77 Bloor St. West. Tickets are $5 with your TCard and can be purchased online or in person. For more information you can visit the exhibit's website. IMG_9685 copy  

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