Toronto on the Cheap: The Royal Ontario Museum

I'm a city person. I love the hustle and bustle of the streets, the diversity, and the fact that being downtown means that you're always only a subway stop away from something to do. However, in my first year, I quickly found that always being near a cool place to go meant that I always had an empty wallet. Movies, dinners, and events can add up ridiculously fast. But it doesn't have to be that way! Toronto has so much to offer, including tons of fun things to do that cost next to nothing or nothing at all!

The Royal Ontario museum is one of my absolute favourite places in the city. There's always something new to discover there, and looking up at the dino bones always makes me feel like an 8 year old again. The best part? The ROM is free all day on Tuesdays with your T-Card!

photo of the museum subway station, featuring one of the many totem poles that decorate it
I always find it difficult to resist the urge to visit the ROM when traveling through Museum Station

Things to See:

If you have the time, spending an entire day exploring the entirity of the ROM is totally worth it. But if you're just popping in to kill an hour or two between classes, here are a few exhibits that you absolutely can't miss!

Ancient Korean, Chinese, and Japanese Art: 

photo of ancient asian temple art, featuring a giant mural of buddha and many statues photo of an intricate statue of a buddha like god

Located just to the left of the main gallery, the special exhibition on Asian temple art can't be missed! The extreme detail in each artifact is amazing.

photo of an ancient asian porcelain sculpture  photo of an ancient asian sculpture of a house like structure

Gallery of Biodiversity: 

photo of bird and butterfly specimens suspended so they look like they're flying photo of a GIANT crab. seriously it's huge. like an entire table huge.

The Gallery of Biodiversity is a vivid and beautiful place. From barn owls to giant crabs to a bat cave, the gallery has everything. If you're more artistically inclined, you can grab a stool and spend the whole day sketching ferrets and fish.

photo of many different insect specimens against a white wall

On this trip to the ROM I discovered that they have an entire hive of bees! No matter how many times I go, I always seem to find something new.

photo of a busy beehive photo of a bee figurine

¡Viva México! Clothing and Culture Exhibit:

photo of a sign that reads: Textiles and Costume: Viva Mexico! Clothing and Culture ¡Viva México! features costumes and textiles from different Mexican cultures and time periods, and is on until next May.  four mannequins wearing traditional mexican dress
photo of a mexican shawl with people handwoven into it
A Rebozo (shawl) from the 18th century. These hand woven shawls are extremely intricate and extremely rare.
a mannequin wearing traditional mexican dress, featuring lace and roses a mannequin wearing traditional mexican dress, featuring a bright purple polkadot skirt  a mannequin wearing a traditional mexican shawl   Fossils:  photo of a t-rex fossil A trip to the ROM isn't truly a trip to the ROM without dinosaurs and cool extinct mammals. a giant prehistoric fish with giant teeth. creepy. shadow of a dinosaur tail 1523994_761617543852213_1893610301_o

What's your favourite part of the ROM? Leave us a comment and let us know! 

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